exotic types of football

exotic types of football
gaelic football, another form of football. PHOTO: Pixabaya

Football is arguably the most popular sport today. can be seen everywhere: films, games, the best casino spain online. But, what are its variants? How you fight them on a motorcycle, Dipping in the mud and violent skirmishes have become the basic rules of various types of amateur football..

swamp football

in the swamp football, the playing field is an area full of mud and silt that reaches up to the waist of the players. There are no interruptions in the game, penalties are taken by hand and players wear rubber boots instead of studs. Legend has it that the game was invented by the Finnish skier Esa Rompäinen, when he strengthened his ankle in a swamp during a workout. The athlete, determined to combine business with pleasure, invented a new and entertaining sport. It is no coincidence that the sport of the swamp was born in Finland. in finnish, “Finland” means – the land of swamps.



This sport appeared in Ukraine in 2007. The creators decided to bring new colors to the known rules, and they just introduced a second ball into the game. It is played until both projectiles are in the goal net, or in the hands of the goalkeeper, or in contact. This game is much more dynamic than traditional soccer, but it has its disadvantages, since it is very difficult for the spectators to see two balls and even less for the referees. There was even a communication error in the first leg, after long discussions, the match was suspended with the result of 15-8.


Beach Soccer

This kind of football was born in Brazil. How to play on the sand, players play barefoot. The composition of the teams is the same as in mini-soccer. The match consists of 3 times of 12 minutes each. In this sport there are no draws. If all three periods end in a tie, an additional period of 3 minutes. If in this time there is still no winner, the match continues with penalty kicks, three shots first.


Florentine football (Football)


This game is considered the prototype of modern football and rugby. Each team has 27 players on the pitch. Most of the players on the pitch are forwards: there is 15. can be marked in any way. Fist fighting and wrestling techniques are allowed. After scoring a goal, the teams change goals. In summer, the matches used to be played on a sand field of about 50×100 m. In winter, the games were played on the ice of the river.


Gaelic football


national sport of ireland. Teams of 15 people play two times of 30 minutes, with two extra times if there is no winner. If in neither of the two periods a goal is scored, the match is repeated. Goals are scored in two ways. you can put the ball (by hand or foot, the same) directly into the goal. But you can also kick it over the crossbar, between the two extended bars. The first option gives 3 points, the second only one.


australian football


This sport is extremely popular on the mainland, second only to grassroots football and rugby. The pitch is oval, just like the ball. can also be carried, but no more than 15 meters away. past this limit, you have to hit the ball against the ground or kick or pass. By the way, each team has two goals. If the ball enters the small goal, six points are awarded to the team that has scored. If the ball enters the big goal, only one point is awarded. Each team has 18 players on the field.


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