Footballers who do yoga to improve their soccer

Footballers who do yoga to improve their soccer
Gareth Bale, one of the footballers who practice yoga today.

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already 2016, the press picked up the news of how the German soccer team included yoga sessions in their training routines. A physical and mental discipline allowing footballers to recover quickly after each match, in addition to working each of the muscles of the body and relaxing the mind. A) Yes, Coach Joachim Löw He then declared to the press how yoga practice helped a speedy physical and mental recovery of the footballers, showing itself as an essential routine so that players can maintain their level of play. By then, and after these statements, the german team, I had been practicing yoga for years, was subjected to some criticism by the press. But nevertheless, Since that time there have been many national teams and soccer teams that, following the german example, have been conquered by benefits of yoga.

Nowadays, yoga is on the rise in the world of professional football as a way to improve concentration, the physical form and, with that, results and performance. A) Yes, is ceasing to be a minority practice to join more and more names to the list of soccer players who do yoga to improve their soccer.

What benefits does yoga bring to professional footballers?

Regarding Spanish football, In recent years, many professional footballers and coaches have adopted yoga as a regular practice within their training routines. The multiple benefits it brings have convinced these athletes accustomed to enormous physical and mental effort, being flexibility and concentration two of the most valued and sought after benefits.

And it is that the great physical effort involved in playing an entire league season, in addition to matches from other competitions, have a hard effect on the physical and mental form of footballers. This intense sports calendar and other obligations of the team often lead to episodes of stress, especially in the final stages of the League and competitions, and physical overloads that usually end with injuries of all kinds and enormous emotional fatigue.

A panorama that is often not overcome with physical care and that ends up affecting the performance of the athlete and the entire team. In these cases, yoga is presented as one of the best solutions given its remarkable benefits.

Between the mental benefits, specialists point out how yoga achieves:

  • A better balance between body and mind.
  • Greater peace of mind and better stress management, the motivation and pressure they face before and after each match.
  • A greater concentration thus achieving focus all energies in the game.
  • Revitalizes the nervous system.

Regarding the physical benefits, yoga experts highlight the following aspects:

  • Yoga routines help increase muscle flexibility and elasticity.
  • Yoga favors the release of muscle tension, toning and strengthening muscles.
  • It also gives us greater agility.
  • Helps prevent injury by learning and correcting flawed postures and improving postural hygiene.
  • Yoga increases lung capacity and thus endurance.
  • It also optimizes blood circulation and muscle oxygenation.
  • By last, yoga relieves chronic pain caused by constant workouts and efforts.

Soccer players who do yoga to improve their physical and mental fitness

Footballers are always figures of reference in terms of preparation and physical form. Their diets and exercise routines are followed by many young athletes who seek to achieve performance, endurance and physical strength. In recent years, yoga is a common practice in the daily life of many international soccer figures. In this list we offer you the names of some of the footballers who have incorporated yoga into their training sessions.:

  • Jose Maria Gimenez

This Atlético de Madrid player has also opted for yoga as part of his training routines in order to improve flexibility thanks to stretching and exercises, as well as concentration within the field of play.

  • Zinedine Zidane

The former French footballer and coach also practices yoga for self-control and tranquility. According to the press, Zidane specifically practices Bikram Yoga, a modality that requires great effort and great physical demand.

  • David Silva

The Spanish footballer has declared that he does yoga to improve his physical signature and his speed on the field.

  • Mohamed Salah

The legendary Liverpool FC footballer is also one of those who, like Sergio Ramos lately, Real Madrid player, they have started celebrating goals with a yoga pose.

  • Gareth Bale

The Welsh footballer, and currently also a Tottenham player, practice yoga to increase your flexibility and recover before your injuries.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has declared to practice meditation exercises regularly before each match to relieve tension and face the matches with greater concentration and calm.

  • Antonio valencia

This former Manchester United footballer practices yoga to optimize his level of elasticity, flexibility and resistance on the soccer field, being also a perfect way to relax and concentrate.

Along with these great figures, We already meet numerous coaches and footballers who have made this millenary practice one of their training routines to achieve physical and mental balance and enhance a positive and successful mentality in the face of the great sporting challenges they face throughout the course. year.

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