When Spain won its first soccer World Cup

When Spain won its first soccer World Cup
Initial formation of Spain (EFE)

The great moments of Spanish football could be summarized in three, three high points in a long journey usually riddled with troubles: The Barcelona Olympics 1992, the Nigeria Under-20 World Cup 1999 and the South Africa World Cup 2010. The only three events in which our football was able to prevail over the rest of the globe. But nevertheless, 45 years before Iniesta's goal made us the best on the planet, 34 years before Xavi and Casillas' generation allowed us to dream, 27 years before Guardiola kissed the gold medal; Spain won its first soccer world cup.

Beginning of December 1964. A rumor runs through sports Spain like the cold air of a blow. An aspect unknown until its own Spanish Football Federation and that it ensured the constitution of a Commission within the Ministry of the Army, in charge of making a mysterious selection of footballers. It will be Lieutenant Colonel Pinilla, at Tablada Air Base (Sevilla) and surrounded by the press who, a few days later, make the rumor official. I would do it by reciting a list of 20 names and stating clearly, that all of them were of military age and therefore under military discipline and that the entrusted mission was like any other military service. The mysterious commission was none other than the country's representation in the impending Military World Cup, a tournament of recognized international prestige and with an officiality that today we may find difficult to understand. This was the twentieth edition of a tournament organized by the International Military Sports Council, body to which Francoist Spain had joined after its political blockade was lifted and in whose championships Spanish athletes began to appear..

Among the cited footballers, future figures of national football are dotted: Of Felipe, Fusté, thick, Poli, Guedes, Ufarte… All of them come to the event dressed in their corresponding military uniforms. Seville turns to the first game of that competition, filling with 40.000 souls a decked out Sanchez Pizjuan to see that one Roja who wore the shield of the three armies on his chest.

After beating double-match all-powerful France, the Spanish team got rid of a feared Portugal led by Eusebio in a crowded Insular Stadium of Las Palmas. It reached a final phase that would be held in Asturias in a league format against the champions of Africa, Asia and a second European team. A feted but weakened Spain, that he could not count on the Atlético de Madrid players, Real society, Athletic and Zaragoza; when the semifinals of the Copa del Generalissimo, fell to Turkey in controversial first game. She would recover on the second day by beating Belgium to face the last meeting with options to win. From the Mill, with the live television signal and with the narration of Matías Prats, that military Spain beat Morocco to lift the first World Cup of our football.


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