5 historical teams to win the Eurocup 2021

5 historical teams to win the Eurocup 2021
Spain, one of the great favorites to win the Eurocup next summer (Sports world)

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Talk about the Euro is talking about good football, it is a tournament that brings together a large number of world champions, Top-level selections that give the tournament an unsurpassed cache. For the edition of 2021 bookmakers already have odds for favorites, and historical teams are not lacking.

Today we are going to talk about 5 Historic teams that can win the next edition of the Euro. Although some are not going through their best moment, always in a tournament like this they bring out their champion caste. Some have more options than others and we can see it if we Betsson sports betting, where the quotas give some clarity.

Germany an eternal favorite

Germans don't have a good time, and the most recent thrashing they suffered against Spain proves it. The Löw team has been in decline for more than a year, but with 3 Euro Cups is one of the historical. In this type of tournaments they usually show their best, and that is why they are one of the favorites to win the Euro.

But nevertheless, it must be clarified that they are not the main favorite, right now we would put it as the fifth best located to do it. further, your group is the strongest in the competition, as he will have to fight his classification with France and Portugal. They have until 11 June to improve your performance, and we will see if they can draw the blood of the champion they have to make a good tournament.

Spain in search of glory

The red one is together with Germany the country with the most European Cups in its showcases, this makes it a historical. With Luis Enrique they have been recovering that game that led them to glory between 2008 Y 2012. They want to be the best team in the world again and this championship is a great opportunity.

They are located in Group E, on paper very simple and they are big favorites to go first to the next round. His first match is against Sweden on 14 of June, and for this match you can already find odds in Betsson and other betting houses. We can consider the Spanish team among the best placed to win the tournament.

France wants to demonstrate superiority

The current world champion is one of the best teams and wants to repeat his title of the 2000, since that year he has not won the Euro again. He had just come from winning the World Cup, just as you have now. Will they win this time? Without a doubt they start as favorites in the bookmakers, but it is a very difficult tournament.

They won't have it easy from the start, they must face Germany in their first game and also Portugal, another team in very good shape. So if the Gauls want to do the double of titles they will have to play their best tournament in years. They have equipment to do it, and recently they left the Portuguese team out of the Nations League.

Portugal goes for the two-time championship

The current Euro champion continues at a very good pace and they are looking for his two-time championship. At 2016 they did their best participation, achieving the first trophy in its history, and they want to take advantage of this generation to continue winning titles. They are not a historical, but how to leave out the most recent champion.

further, together France are the best placed in the bets. If you want to bet on the champion you can do it now, and the fees offered by the Portuguese are very attractive. And we must not forget that this would be the last Eurocup of CR7, and will want to make it special.

Italy wins whole as favorite

The Italian team since the arrival of Mancini has had a great football improvement, It is no longer that Italy that played to wait and counter, that continues to do very well. But now it's a team that's going to hurt, he uses the bands very well and has a lot of associative play.

He made the best qualification for the Euro, and is a firm candidate to win the most important trophy in Europe. Start your adventure playing against Turkey, in a group completed by Wales and Switzerland. You should not have problems to settle in the round of 16 and from there work your way to the title.

These are the 5 historical and favorite teams to win the Euro 2021. Do you already have your favorite? Bets start now for the first date and you can choose your champion.

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