Carlos Alberto Fenoy, the goalkeeper top scorer’ Celta de Vigo

Carlos Alberto Fenoy, the goalkeeper top scorer’ Celta de Vigo
Carlos Alberto Fenoy T-shirt poses with Celta (I played in Celta)

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There are curious case in the history of the league but we tell you today outperforms most of them and is starring Carlos Alberto Fenoy, the goalkeeper ‘Pichichi‘.

The Argentine goalkeeper arrived in the Spanish League this season 1975-1976 the ranks of the Celta Vigo after playing in Newell´s Old Boys and Vélez Sarsfield in his native Argentina.

The whole sky at that time militated in Second Division but won promotion that season with Fill defending the goal. But nevertheless, was the next year when the goalkeeper made history in Spanish football.

The 76-77 the Vigo team fell again as it was penultimate classified and also had the 'honor’ being the least scorer set with only 22 goals scored. This is where the Argentine goalkeeper takes on special importance.

Carlos Fill He was responsible for executing the penalty shoot his team. During that season kicked 6 and marked 5 becoming the top scorer of Celta as field players as Sanromán or Mori they did not go beyond 3 Y 4 respectively sips.

The goalkeeper scorer
Fenoy prepares to throw a penalty in Elche Celta-season 1976-1977 (Celeste Fame)

The first of his victims from 11 meters was a landmark as Arconada. That day Celtic He achieved the victory 1-0 against Real society. Later, Elche, Real Madrid Y Las Palmas (twice) They completed the 5 goals goalkeeper top scorer.

FENOY signed for Real Valladolid

Carlos Fill juice 5 seasons at Celta with whom he lived 2 First and promotions 3 decreases, the last to Second B, so he left Galicia to sign for Real Valladolid. In the accumulated pucelano club 8 bells, all in First Division, and he proclaimed Champion League Cup, only official title of the blanquivioleta set.

After that historic season 1976-1977 at Celtic where he was the top scorer of the team, Fill and he was not charged with kicking the maximum penalties of their teams and only scored another goal from 11 meters with Real Valladolid in the course 1984-1985.


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