The biggest win in the history of football

The biggest win in the history of football
Initial training of AS Adema

Football is full of great 'beatings’ Y unevenly parties. But nevertheless, none like the one I meant the biggest win in history which we will be discussed below. yes, his scandalous marker is tricky.

The final day of the Final Four of the League de France it's from the season 2001-02 I would not have gone down in history of football not for the controversy that led to the landslide victory 149 a 0 of the A.S. Adema in front of S.O. the Emyme. The competition system of semi-professional league (with absolutely overwhelming majority of amateur teams) Soccer African island consisted of a single category, Regular league with sixteen groups of eight teams each, grouped by geographical proximity. The first two were classified for the finals, with parties knockout round to reach the four semifinalists will dispute the title in a Final Four (llamada "Poul Aces") liguilla played as the mahamasina municipal stadium, situated in the capital, Antnnviro.

In the penultimate round, the S.O. the Emyme, champion in the previous season, he had been hurt by the controversial decisions of the referee Benjamin Razafintsalama, expulsion in the first period one of his players and a dubious penalty two minutes from the end which meant the final tie with two goals and left as league champion mathematically to other large, at those moments, of the country's football: the A.S. Adema (along with S.O. the Emyme, only semi-professional teams in their ranks with some players malgaches).

The last game of the "Poul des As" faced in a crowded stadium both clubs Mahamasina: and mathematically the champion, Adam, against the champion of last season and again arbitration Benjamin Razafintsalama, which it provoked outrage Directive, players , fans and team coach l'Emyme. Finally this reaction, Ratsimandresy Ratsarazaka, He was ordering his players score goals, in protest against his own goal.

And so they did, nothing mark the kick-off, He pulled from the center of the field captain of the team the Emyme and quickly a colleague ran into his own goal scoring own goal, with consequent stupor of the thousands of spectators who packed the stands of the main stadium in the capital of Madagascar. So they did 149 times, all own goals and work only three players: Razafindrakoto, “Nakata” y Tolojanahary.

There were incidents between fans of both clubs in the stands, Police had to intervene, and also at the box office, where many fans thronged demanding the return of the amount of input and before the end of the first half. The scandal resulted in harsh penalties: three years to coach the S.O. the Emyme, and one year for the goalkeeper Dominique Rakotonandrasana and for the three players mentioned above if you scored in his own net. He also dismissed the president of the National Association of Arbitrators of Madagascar and the Minister of Sports of the country, René Ndalana. But the result was unmoved and gave valid, becoming the biggest win in the history of football. A more difficult record to beat: a goal every 38 seconds.

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