Why Barcelona's Dream Team was the best of its time

Why Barcelona's Dream Team was the best of its time
The Camp Nou witnessed Cruyff's Dream Team. PHOTO:https://sp.depositphotos.com/

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Between 1988 Y 1996, with Cruyff in charge of the team, Barça lived one of its best moments, giving numerous successes to his followers such as the European Cup of 92

In the late 80, the board of directors chaired by Josep Lluís Nuñez focused on building a team of footballers that aroused enthusiasm and performed well. The Camp Nou began to fill up again thanks to Johan Cruyff's guidelines as coach of the blaugrana.

In this way, between 1990 Y 1994, Barcelona managed to win four consecutive Spanish League championships. But it did not stay there: the team managed to win the trophy Eurocup at Wembley ’92, which formed the high point of a group characterized by a game with a touch objective (which would later lead to the famous tiki taka), and a winning mentality, modeled thanks to Cruyff's mandates and lessons.

We can say that the era of a Barça that would come to be called the "Dream Team" of European football began then., the following unforgettable players went down in the history of the Club: Zubizarreta, Bakero, look at, Laudrup, Koeman, Stoichkov, Romário, Eusebio, Nadal, Guardiola, Love, Juan Carlos, Ferrer, Nando , Julio Salinas, Serna, Alexanko and Goikoetxea.

Directed by the Cruyff-Rexach duo, the team finally drew a line under its troubled past; Barça became one of the biggest names in world football.

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Cruyff's return at the end of the 80

"I know the Club and I don't want history to repeat itself. If we want things to change, we must change history”. These words formed the starting signal for the race that would lead Barcelona to glory thanks to the teachings and the change of mentality introduced by the Dutch coach, techniques that have survived to this day and that coaches of the stature of Erik ten Hag, under the command of Manchester United, admire and appreciate: “I think a lot about Johan Cruyff, I admired him a lot, He thought in an innovative way and contributed a lot to football”.

further, the team's tactics were modified to incorporate the "total football" of Dutch coach Rinus Michels. The management of the team also changed, becoming the sole responsibility of the coach.

collection of prizes: up to four consecutive League titles

After a fruitful harvest marked by obtaining the European Cup Winners' Cup (1989) and the King's Cup (1990), Cruyff's Barcelona only needed to win the Spanish League. The results could not be better. Not only did he win the National League title, but, also, won four leagues in a row (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994). The last three were won in the last game of the season. Today, one of the images recorded in the minds of many related to the 'Dream Team’ It is that of the footballers on the pitch waiting for the results of their rivals' matches.


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