A new feat for Napoli

A new feat for Napoli
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The Scudetto is ready to travel to southern Italy. This is something more important than it may seem at first glance and that only Italians understand well.. Because, We are going to explain well what makes each victory of the Neapolitans a feat that will be celebrated by half of the entire country.

A competition turned to the north

Talking about the Italian league is, although it may surprise, make it out of a competition that only seems to affect half the country. It is enough to take a look at the table to see that the immense number of the teams that dispute it have their headquarters in the upper area of ​​the transalpine peninsula.
The north has historical teams such as Juventus, the Turin, Fiorentina, Inter y
AC Milan and a long list of teams that we all identify with Italian football.
But there is a fact that surprises even more. Since the first league was held in 1898, all the teams that have won the tournament are from the north of the country except for the two years that Maradona led Napoli to the top of the table.
That is to say, in the more than 120 years of history that the Italian domestic competition has, There have only been two years in which the title has traveled to the southern part of the country, something unthinkable in any other type of national competition.


A difficult matter to explain

Because, today is about to experience a new historical event, and it is enough to take a look at the
football bets today to see that Naples is going to win the league again for that half of the country that seems forgotten in the world of football.
But one would have to wonder what happens so that the teams from the south of the country cannot compete with those from the north. It is evident that one cannot speak of a lack of talent or anything similar because the south has seen very good teams defend their pride.
maybe, what happens in Italy is nothing more than another story that is justified by the cold and not at all romantic economy. The northern part of Italy is the one that has always concentrated the main industries of the country and the highest rates of wealth. Those industrial companies, like FIAT for example, They have taken over the teams in the area and have been accumulating victories based on good signings, something that was impossible for teams from a much more economically depressed southern area.
Because, each new victory Naples is something that is not only celebrated within the walls of the old San Paolo. The emotion is that of the entire southern part of the country that sees in the Scudetto that Spaletti's team is going to get a historic revenge for having spent so many years in the shadow of the teams from the north of the country.


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