The European champions Aston Villa 1981-1982: Best Kept Secret

The European champions Aston Villa 1981-1982: Best Kept Secret
The European champions Aston Villa 1981-1982 (

The Aston Villa was the surprising (and for many unjust) European champion in the season 1981-1982. In a time when the European Cup It was dominated by English clubs, the whole of Birmingham won the the most important title in its history.

As we say, the Liverpool He had dominated Europe a few years earlier. The Anfield He was champion of the continental showpiece in 1977, 1978 Y 1981. Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest surprised everyone leaving champion two consecutive years (after ascending Second Division) in 1979 Y 1980. This is where the Aston Villa He took the witness to continue the hegemony of English football European Cup.

Coached by Ron Saunders, the villains they got a title that could not dream. The coach took the most out of a workforce lacking big stars. yes, He managed to form a very compact team with players who had several years playing together. further, integrated front by Gary Shaw, Tony Morley Y Peter Withe (author of the only goal in the final against Bayern de Munich) amply fulfilled.


The British removed the Football standings Iceland, al Dinamo Berlin, al Dynamo Kiev y al Anderlecht to reach the final of Rotterdam against Bayern Munich. As we stated above, a lone goal Tony Morley It was enough to defeat the German giant.

The triumph was celebrated in style by the fans of Villa, How could it be otherwise. In fact, the players themselves were proposed that people feel share in this success so they decided to visit different places with the trophy so fans could touch and be photographed with him. This is where we find a very curious anecdote.

Colin Wilson Y Gordon Cowans, players of that Aston Villa champion, They went to a pub in Tamworth, a small town north of Birmingham. Wilson himself explained in an interview for BBC: “Gordon and I had had a few drinks. We were distracted watching an exciting game of darts when someone told us loudly: “Cup is not, I have stolen the”. The world came upon us”.

We're looking for something that surely”

effectively, the trophy was gone and both players gave to the police quickly. After a few hours of trouble and 160 kilometers of distance, agents Sheffield They were visited by a man who told them he had the European Cup in the trunk of your car. Like is logic, they could not believe it. Quickly, Mick Greenough, the chief officer, He called his fellow Birmingham: “We're looking for something that surely”.

The most fun of this story comes now. While someone was traveling from the city of Birmingham to collect the coveted trophy, the police officers Sheffield They had a brilliant idea. They had in their hands the ability to play a match between them. In Game, no more no less, the real trophy European Cup. Said and done.

Police officers and author of theft (top left with the face deleted) They pose with the European Cup (BBC)

28 years after that event, the secret came to light. Photographs of the Copa agents are the proof. The strange thing is that the photographer was the author of theft, a Adrian Reed, the fan that was 'The orejona’ the pub to his home in Sheffield. It is precisely the one in an instant with the face 'blurred’ not to be identified.

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