When Anfield was the home of… ¡Everton!

When Anfield was the home of… ¡Everton!
El mítico cartel con el lema "This is Anfield" which leads the field (Youtube)

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Few stadiums are more mythical than the old Anfield. It provides a special atmosphere every match live the Liverpool plays at home and that puts the willies and excites any football fan regardless of what your favorite team. But nevertheless, Good to know that once the mythical stadium Reds’ It was owned by his eternal enemy, the Everton.

The Everton FC, founded in 1878, It was the first team to train and play Anfield, build in 1884. But nevertheless, John Houlding, the owner of the stadium, She decided to raise the rent to the 'toffees’ and he went on to demand 250 pounds instead of 100 which until then he had been demanding. The club's decision was to leave and move to Anfield which has been his home until today: Goodison Park.


Houlding then he decided he had found a new club to play at their stadium and incidentally became the main rival of Everton. It was as well as 1892 He was born Liverpool FC and since then both clubs compete to be the best team in the city.

curiously, along the history, the Liverpool has had more impact and greater successes in sporting has since achieved more titles than the Everton. The whole 'network’ He has been able to earn double league (18 a 9) and it is the English club with more international titles (6 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups and 3 European Super Cups).


As we said, Anfield It is probably the stage with a special mystique in England and one of the most thrilling. Before starting the meetings all the supporters intoned in unison popular “You´ll never walk alone” which has become an anthem of Liverpool and joy for all true football fan. Collides enough that one day outside the house of the eternal rival and a rise in rent propitiate the birth of one of the biggest clubs in Europe.


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