What is the 'Boxing Day’ Premier League?

What is the 'Boxing Day’ Premier League?
El 'Boxing Day' es una de las jornadas más apasionantes de la Premier League con grandes partidos (The Independent)

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The vast majority of football leagues and competitions are paralyzed at Christmas. But nevertheless, one of the great traditions of English football is holding the ‘Boxing Day’ with day league that allows fans to enjoy their favorite sport at this time as you mentioned.

Specific, the ‘Boxing Day’ It takes place the day 26 December and, Of course, It is not something exclusive to football but also includes other sports such as rugby in England and in other countries like Ireland and Wales.

What is the origin of Boxing Day?

The origin of this tradition has nothing to do with football or sport. There are several theories to respect but none is confirmed to the 100% and it seems rather that it is a mixture of all.

We must go back many years ago, specifically the Middle Ages. Apparently, the 26 December noble baskets delivered to their servitude and boxes with food and fruit left over from their Christmas dinners. Years later it was also common for employees and apprentices go to their jobs to receive a box (box in English) with some gift or small amount of money from their employers.

The first football game in history

Anyway, the fact is that the English fans can enjoy an intense and exciting day of football thanks to this initiative. The Premier League particularly large umbrella parties for Boxing Day matching very interesting duels. It is quite common that teams from the same city are facing so fans do not have to move.

According to official data, English stadiums achieved in this special day best records in that influx of public regards (approximately 97% of the capacity of the stadium is full). yes, the players do not get with such good eyes as fans these games Christmas football They are preferring to spend these days with his family so it is quite common that some of them will force cards in the previous match to have 'free’ the day 26.

If this tradition no longer had enough weight, there is still another reason for there to be football in England at that date as indicated. As many know, the oldest club in the world is the Sheffield FC, founded in 1857. The English side had to wait 3 years to find their first opponent. Was the Hallam FC and both they faced for the first time 26 of January of 1860.

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