Mariano Garcia Remon, The Cat Odessa’

Mariano Garcia Remon, The Cat Odessa’
García Remón and Zoco smile after the game played in Odesa (As)

The vast majority of players who succeed in their career have a party, a memorable performance, which represents a turning point. In case of Mariano Garcia Remon, doorman who kept goal of Real Madrid for many years, is no exception.

Madrid goalkeeper, Formed in the lower categories of the previous step Merengues children of Vallecano Ray, He acted as loan at Talavera and the Real Oviedo In the season 1970-1971, at the end of which he returned to Real Madrid where it remained for 15 seasons.

In his first season as Real Madrid goalkeeper he has already started and proclaimed league champion (1971-1972). It would be the first of the 7 that would lift the club Chamartin, in addition to 4 Copas, 1 League Cup and 2 UEFA Cups. A surprising palmares where only lack the European Cup.

Cruyff Ajax gets in the way

Precisely on the road to that coveted continental trophy crossed the mythical Ajax's Johan Cruyff. The Dutch team eliminated the club chaired by Santiago Bernabeu in the semifinals of the season 1972-1973. Garcia Remon He had been baptized The Cat Odessa’ in the last round that had faced the Real Madrid y al Dynamo Kiev corresponding to the quarterfinals.

In the first leg, played in Ukraine, Real Madrid had to travel to Odessa as the Dinamo stadium was completely frozen. That 7 March 1973, the performance of Garcia Remon It was anthological. The protagonist himself remembers it well: “Without wanting to be arrogant, the truth is that I stopped all”. So much so that, this city located next to Black Sea, She told for many years with a rock of Real Madrid in honor of his legendary party thanks cancerbero.

The match ended scoreless and the return in Madrid, local beat by a clear 3-0 that got into semis. White president himself was able to recognize the merit of their goalkeeper: “Kid, you have given us today average ticket for the European Cup”. But nevertheless, el Ajax Cruyff (who would win the trophy 3 consecutive years) He ended the dream 'The seventh’ still have to wait until 1998 with the famous goal Mijatovic.

As we said at the beginning of the article, Garcia Remon He went down in history as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the club. 15 successful seasons and more than 200 official matches (they could have been many more had it not been for the great competition and alternation with teammate Miguel Angel, another excellent archer). But nevertheless, No meeting will be remembered as one in Ukrainian lands, with the goalkeeper green gown and his companions with a new coat red. Had been born The Odessa Cat '.

Garcia Remon TRAINER

Path Garcia Remon on the bench was not as successful as his time as a footballer. With 40 year-old joined Real Madrid subsidiary which managed to Second Division B champion and ascend to the silver category of Spanish football.

After three seasons in the second merengue team, Madrid came to him the opportunity to lead a team of First Division as was, by then, the Real Sporting Gijon. Albacete, Las Palmas, Salamanca, Numancia and Cordoba, All in Second, were your other equipment before sitting, at last, on the bench they desired: the Santiago Bernabeu.

Coach Garcia Remon
Garcia Remon as coach of Real Madrid (As)

Stage Garcia Remon Real coach was as short and as an emergency. The coach led the campaign targets 2004-2005 during 18 matches between league and Champions League after the stampede of Camacho the season began but resigned after only 3 journeys. Brazil Vanderlei Luxemburgo take the reins finally.

The ultimate experience in professional football the protagonist of this article was as coach Cádiz CF in the 2007-2008, Also in Second Division.


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