The two most famous goals in World Cup history

The two most famous goals in World Cup history
Maradona and Shilton greet each other before the historic quarterfinal match between Argentina and England (Daily Mail)

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What are the chances that the two most famous goals in history They occur on the same day in the same match? Surely very few.

But nevertheless, Many will agree that this occurred 22 June 1986 in the famous match between Argentina and England at Mexico in World 1986 in a match that was played at the Estadio Azteca.

The meeting was an importance that transcended beyond football. Both countries had a war a few years earlier in what is known as 'Malvinas War’ Y, but should never mix sport with politics, This time it was almost inevitable.


Argentina had the best player in the world at that time, Diego Armando Maradona. His goal was simply to leave world champion for the second time (the first had been at home in 1978).

The first goal was to pray because it did not arrive until the minute 6 of the second half and he was surrounded by controversy. The 10’ it was clearly helped by the hand to introduce the ball in the British goal. In the celebration, Maradona and he made clear the trap as repeatedly noted both the referee and the linesman.

The hand of God
One of the most iconic images in the history of the World, the goal with Maradona's hand English goalkeeper Shilton (As)

Like is logic, all the English players' ate’ the referee but despite protests goal took the score.


Almost no time to react, Just four minutes later, It occurred for many is the best goal in World Cup history. Maradona He received the ball in midfield and started a run on goal dodging few defenders they came forth to English and the goalkeeper to score the 2-0.

The images of this goal and the historical narrative Victor Hugo Morales He has endured over time and crossed borders.

In this way, although there were an end but a quarterfinal match, that 22 June 1986 He went down in history as the day in which there were the two most famous goals in football history with Diego Armando Maradona absolute protagonist.


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