The ugliest shirts and controversial football history

The ugliest shirts and controversial football history
Batistuta wearing the shirt of Fiorentina swastikas in 1992 (uksports)

It is clear that everyone likes. In many cases sports brands are right and perform really beautiful designs, however sometimes committed 'crimes’ visuals that have generated great controversy and rejection by fans of certain teams. We review some of the ugliest shirts and controversial history although I must say that the list could be much longer.


Fiorentina shirt with swastikas
T-shirt Fiorentina He caused a stir. Regardless of whether it is beautiful or ugly, the seriousness of this design is the presence of Nazi swastikas which apparently they were formed by chance. The brand had to apologize and remove the T-shirt market (UK Sports)


The ugliest shirts
A club with tradition and the history of Athletic Club de Bilbao You can not afford such outrages to something as sacred as the shirt. Definitely, a stain (ketchup) in its history (As)


Colorado Caribous fringed shirt
Fringed shirt Colorado Caribous of 1978, Divine Death. American franchise would give a boost to 'soccer’ and the play did not work out too well but what is clear is that impact had. Definitely, one of the ugliest history t (Colorado Caribous).


Camiseta River Plate Sanyo
Another club with a history and great fans who can not afford certain designs is River Plate. The club 'Millionaire’ He had a rather embarrassing alternative to mid-shirts 90 which was showered with criticism and rejection by fans (

HULL CITY (1992)

The ugliest shirts
A new proof that 90 They were difficult years in which to spawn in the form of T refers is that of Hull City. The designer took the letter to the nickname of the club's fans, known as tigers, and he wanted to translate it into T-Shirt Hull City. So ugly it has become a collector's item (bvclamson)


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