National teams whose jersey is a different color to the flag State

National teams whose jersey is a different color to the flag State
Italy and Germany played in 1970 el conocido como 'Partido del Siglo'

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It is very common that the colors of the clothing of the National teams match those of their flag. But nevertheless, there are a few cases where it is not. We look at some of them and analyze what are the reasons for this color choice.


Roberto Baggio Italy
Roberto Baggio, one of the best players in Italian history (Jot Down)

The Italian team is one of the most successful worldwide. The azurra, as the name suggests, It is known for its classic blue shirt. But nevertheless, on the flag of Italy, The predominant colors are green, White and red.

As we explained in previous article, the Italian national team wears blue because it was the color of the banner of the Savoy Family, kings of Italy from the unification of the country.


National teams
The German team champion in the World 1974 (Tico Sport)

Another team with enviable record. Germans always wear white T-shirt. further, his second clothing is green color with white pants. Nothing to do with his black flag, red and yellow.

The Germans inherited the white shirt and white pants of the Kingdom of Prussia. Meanwhile, it is said that its alternative green shirt is a tribute to Ireland, first selection agreed to play a friendly against Germany after Second World War.


National teams
Japanese selection and classic blue shirt (K-Magazine)

The flag of Japan It is one of the most popular and recognizable of the world. A big red circle on a completely white background. But nevertheless, draws attention to the shirt of the combined Japanese is blue.

In this case there is no explanation confirmed the 100% but, it looks like, the blue color was chosen because it is the most striking precisely the Japanese flag. Own Saburo Kawabuchi, director of the Japanese football federation in the years 90, This was stated on occasion.

As a curiosity to say that Japan came to wear red for a few years (between 1988 Y 1992), but the achieved not qualify either for the World Cup Italia '90 nor for Olympic Games of 1992, He decided not to do more.


Juan Arango Venezuela
Juan Arango in a match with the Venezuelan team (La Pelotona)

Following our list of national teams do not wear shirts with the colors of their flag, we met with Venezuela. The Red wine It is known by this name because of the color of their zamarra, nothing to do with its tricolor flag (yellow, blue and red).

Again, There are several versions of this choice of color. The most popular is that Venezuela wanted differentiated from other South American teams as Colombia O Ecuador, with maintaining a strong sporting rivalry. The truth is that the Venezuelan combined has managed to be quite original and very recognizable when disputed an encounter with its coat color, Red wine.

It is said that the National Guard uniforms lent some color to this selection could play a tournament for over a century. Since then it has been the most used by Venezuela.


Holland 1988
The legendary Dutch team that won the European Championship in 1988.

Although the flag Netherlands sporting the red, White and blue, all we identified by the Dutch orange. Both selection and the great tide of fans that usually accompanies the team, highlighted by this color so striking.

The origin of the Dutch orange dates back to the sixteenth century. At that time the Dutch went to war with King Charles I and Philip II of Spain to gain independence. This would be officially declared in the year 1648 taking over the Prince William I of Orange - Nassau.

Banner Casa Orange-Nassau It was formed by three strips (two orange and blue) which are usually combine the Dutch national team in its first and second T.


National teams
Argentina and Australia battled for a spot in the World 1994 (Clarion)

The Australian flag has little or nothing to do with the colors of your shirt. While the emblem of the country's predominantly blue with white stars, the coat of Australia combines colors green and gold.

The most accepted theory is that both colors were taken from the golden wattle, national flower Australia, which is yellow and green. But nevertheless, Some say that yellow is for the Australian deserts and green forests by large existing in the country. In fact, There is a current that advocates a change of flag to abandon the current, considered very colonial.

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