Brito Arceo and his incredible penalty in a Barcelona-Seville

Brito Arceo and his incredible penalty in a Barcelona-Seville
Moment Serna fouls Toni Polster, clearly out of the area (The country)

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They say that to err is human. effectively, football history is full of refereeing errors, some of them bulk. Today we will review the one that committed Brito Arceo, Spanish collegiate, in a match Barcelona-Seville disputed at the Camp Nou in 1989.

It will sound strange to some, but there was a time when only one game per day was televised. It was the game on Saturday night and it used to be one of the most interesting. This was the case of the meeting between the Barça and the Sevilla, a 30 from December to 1989.

The crash was quite important. The culés came as second in the classification tied on points (21) with Valencia and Atlético de Madrid. The three teams were trying to keep up with Real Madrid who led with 25. It was the time of La Quinta del Vulture, that devastated in Spain (won 5 Leagues in a row). Meanwhile, Barça was in the process of building the famous Dream Team Cruyff who would make history soon after with 4 Consecutive leagues and a European Cup.

The game was going well for the Catalans who won by a clear score of 3-1 lack of 10 minutes remaining. It was then that the key play of the clash arrived. A long ball from the legendary Sevilla goalkeeper Dassaev, came to Toni Polster. The Austrian, when he lined up the rival goal, was downed by Serna. The fault was clearly out, but nevertheless, Brito Arceo, collegiate of the meeting, signaled penalty after consulting his lineman.

The protests of the footballers of the Barça they were useless. Own pad was in charge of throwing the maximum penalty putting the 3-2 the score. The action clearly affected Barcelona, ​​who in just a few minutes received two more goals from their rival who took the victory surprisingly by 3-4.

Brito Arceo: “I felt the ground sink under my feet”

Own Brito Arceo later stated that, upon arriving at the hotel and watching the repeated play on television: “I felt the ground sink under my feet”. further, the line judge he had consulted began to cry after seeing the action that was clearly outside the area.

Barça's formal complaints had no effect. yes, Brito Arceo He did not whistle a game for the Barça team until 1992, that is to say, more of 3 years later. The real Madrid, as we mentioned above, added a new league title and maintained its hegemony one more year. The Dream Team was on the way.

In this video we can see the complete match. The controversial move occurs on the hour and 23 video minutes.

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