The day El Molinón booed Quini

The day El Molinón booed Quini
Quini celebrates one of his many goals with the rojiblanca jersey (Real Sporting Gijon)

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Quini is one of the legends of Spanish football in general and of the Real Sporting in particular. Considered the best footballer in the history of the club from Gijón, the 7 times ‘Pichichi‘ is a true legend in El Molinon. But nevertheless, as it happens in all families, the rojiblanco stadium and its great star also had some squabbles.

The 2 from December to 1973, the Sporting he visited the Camp Nou to face the Barça. In the pre-match, the Castro brothers, Quini Y Jesus, They made some statements for the Catalan newspaper They say in which they complained about his salary at the Asturian club. The striker had long been wanted, precisely, for Barcelona and in said interview he expressed his desire to be transferred as long as the fans and his current club agreed.

Meanwhile, Jesus Castro, team goalkeeper and brother of Quini, also showed his discontent: “Anyone who joins the team signs a contract higher than mine. I think I don't earn half of what I deserve, thus it is difficult to render since the moral is not the same”.

The statements of the Castro brothers, like is logic, they did not sit well in the sports fans or the club that decided to fine them with 10.000 Y 30.000 pesetas respectively. And if that was not enough, the team crashed down at the Camp Nou for 5-1. Quini scored both the visiting honor but Castro he did not have a successful performance.

With this panorama I received, a week later, the Sporting al RCD Espanyol in El Molinon. The team had a very poor streak with 7 defeats in the past 12 matches. As soon as the teams jumped onto the pitch, the local fans showed their discontent with the two players., which, they were booed every time they touched the ball.

Sporting 1973-1974
Training Sporting season 1973-1974 (Aranda architects)

But nevertheless, there is no better way to make peace with your audience than by goals. break, the locals won by 3-0. All three goals were scored by Quini, it would be replaced in the minute 80 of party receiving a thunderous ovation on the part of its people.

The forward ended that season 1973-1974 as top scorer in the First Division. He continued in the club until the year 1980 in which he signed, already 30 years, for him FC Barcelona. He came back later to hang the boots on the outfit of his life. Meanwhile, Jesus Castro, He was the starting goalkeeper of the Sporting during 18 seasons. He never abandoned sportinguista discipline.

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