Fernando Giner the day is' almost load’ and Pedja Mijatovic

Fernando Giner the day is' almost load’ and Pedja Mijatovic
Formation of Valencia CF temoprada 1994-1995 with Giner and Mijatovic (football teams)

It was the summer of 1993 when he came to the Valencia CF a player who should make a difference and become the star of the team: Pedja Mijatovic. Montenegrin joined Mestalla club payment of 300 million pesetas, an amount very important in those days, and his teammates welcomed him with open arms.

Today it is fashionable newcomers “suffer” some hazing although this is neither new nor much less. At that moment one of the ringleaders of the team was Fernando Giner. The Valencia player had (and still) joker and fame as the player himself has in his book of anecdotes and expressed numerous times in interviews, one of them was about to cost you dearly.


The Valencia He was focused on the stage of pre-season Mijatovic was rooming with Quique Sanchez Flores. It was then that Giner he asked his partner to let him enter the room to hide in the closet with a monster mask. There was hidden for three quarters of an hour until finally arrived Pedja. It was at that time when he left the closet “The monster” He is giving his mask wails. So says the protagonist in an interview Provinces:

Land di such fright backed, he hit the wall and fell to the ground, slowly slipping, like in the movies. He is turned pale, speechless! Outside were all comrades, even the doctor, he had to assist. We put him on the bed and reanimated. I scares because what I thought had cost: "OMG, to compensate the club I'll have to play for free all my life!

The story ended in a shock but fortunately no regrets something more serious. Mijatovic could develop their best football in Mestalla over three brilliant seasons which helped him to sign for Real Madrid, payment of his release clause 1.400 million approximately, provoking a real schism between the two clubs and especially in the Valencia fans who never forgave him.

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