Why T-shirt Croatia carries red and white?

Why T-shirt Croatia carries red and white?
Formación inicial de Croacia en el Mundial de Francia '98 (America TV)

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The T Croatia is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and especially original story. Croatian combined into vogue in the World 1998 held in France where the whole Balkan got a surprising third place.

But nevertheless, far from what many people might think, Croatia and he had a football team in years 40. Long before the war that broke up the former Yugoslavia in the early years of the decade of the 90, T-Shirt Croatia (at that time completely red with white pants) He was present in some international matches. Like is logic, that selection was not officially recognized by FIFA.

As we say, in June 1991 Croatia declared independence that was not recognized until 8 October of that year. The need arose to find some symbols and signs of identity to represent this' new’ nation both as a sports official level. This task fell Seler, an artist and graphic designer very respected in his country.

SHIRT 'ajedrezada’

There are two versions of the origin of T-shirt Croatia. The first one is more legendary. Apparently in the tenth century, Croatian king Držislav he played a game of chess against a Venetian (some say it was a simple jailer, others that it was the Dux mismísmo of the Republic). Nor is it clear what was at stake in that game. Some speak of freedom of the monarch, others say the whole kingdom. In any case, the final winner is always the Croatian king.

The second version is very different. It is based on the finding of a vessel in Sialk (Iran) with a series of inscriptions and shields' ajedrezados’ apparently belonging to the first tribes that inhabited Croatia long before the Middle Ages.

Anyway, the case is that since 1499 there is evidence of the existence of 'chessboard’ (chessboard in the Serbo-Croatian language). already 1527 It was used as royal seal, so that Seler He did not hesitate when designing T-Shirt Croatia Based on these pictures.

By last, we can not ignore the fact the red and white of those tables. Apparently, They seem to refer to the old division of the country into two parts. On one hand known as Red Croatia and secondly the Croatia White. Of course, a shirt with a lot of history that today is causing a stir among fans around the world.



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