eduard Streltsov, Russian Pele

eduard Streltsov, Russian Pele
Streltsov selection and Torpedo Moscow (Ten)

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Eduard Anatolievich Streltsov, nicknamed Russian Pele, It was one of the greatest footballers Soviet history. Born in Moscow 21 June 1937, son of an army officer died in the World War II, He began from childhood to excel in the world of football, part of different teams in the Russian capital from the lower categories, proving to be an incredible player hard and goal, in all.

Avowed follower of the Spartak Moscow, He refused to obey the orders of the political leadership of the Soviet Communist regime, fichara who sought the CSKA one he Dinamo (the team of the police and the KGB). The player adamantly denied, what he puts him in the eye of the hurricane as a suspect anticommunist, so that, despite being named best player two years of Soviet league, It was removed from selection of the USSR, with whom he had won the gold medal in the Melbourne Olympics 1956, It is highlighted as the best player in the Olympic tournament. In addition finished second in the Golden Ball European Year 1957.

He developed his successful career in the Torpedo Moscow, but his bohemian lifestyle led him to have problems that cost him very expensive. It was related to persons suspected of dissent, openly he spoke of the need for a democratic opening in USSR Y, and if that was not enough, to KGB rumors reached him that his flight had planned to settle in the Federal Republic of Germany. Being a media star renowned, He prevented his arrest for mere political reasons, so a rape of a young invented called Marina Lehendeva.


After the fall of the Soviet regime, the makers themselves KGB They acknowledged that the accusation was false, an assembly to remove middle to the front "unruly". Streltsov He was sentenced to twelve years in prison, of which he served five, He is imprisoned in a forced labor camp in Siberia, in harsh conditions and wasting those who may have been his best sport stage. He was imprisoned for 1958 a 1963. Upon leaving, still she had the strength to play again, and veteran, in 1965, in its lifetime, the Torpedo.

His arrest had occurred at the express request of the then president of the USSR, nikita Jrushchov I saw in the statements and way of life of the Russian front, such a direct frontal attack to the communist regime that deserved punishment. Restored his honor, He died in Moscow in the year 2000. Russian Pele It was 35 times by the USSR achieving the figure of 28 goals. further, After his retirement as a player 1970, He coached various teams. It was, And it is, one of the biggest names in the Soviet football. With legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin and Ukrainian midfielder oleg Blokhin, They are considered the three best players of the USSR in its history.







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