Croatia borders on glory at the World Francia'98

Croatia borders on glory at the World Francia'98
The Croatian team made history in France 1998. PHOTOMONTAGE: futbolretro

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Selection Croatia faced the first World Championship in its history in France 98, once the separation of the old Yugoslavia and he reached, no more no less, the semifinals of the tournament. Only the host, and subsequent champion, France, he could with the Balkan on that world stage.

In the group stage framed luck with the Croats Argentina, Jamaica Y Japan. They beat Jamaicans and Japanese (1-3 Y 0-1 respectively) and the top of the group played the Argentines before which fell to zero so.

Thus, the Suker, Prosinecki, Boban, To walk O Stimac among others, They managed to qualify for the second round where he expected them Romania. The match was decided by a close 1-0 for Croatia (Suker de penalty). The selection directed by Miroslav Blazevic She went to the quarterfinals where it should face the European champions, Germany, precisely it had also eliminated him in fourth in the Euro’96.

The Croatia of the World Cup 98, a selection that made history

This is where Croatia really it surprised the world and truly achieved a victory of prestige. To walk, vlaovic Y Suker They certified a landslide victory against one of the favorites achieving maximum 0-3 historical. Suddenly, a debutante selection was planted in the semifinals of a World to face the host France with Zinedine Zidane as a leader.

The match against the French in Paris was thrilling and madness is unleashed Croatia when Suker (Of course) his selection ahead in the first minute of the second part. At that moment, Croats looked closer than ever to their presence in the World Cup final. But nevertheless, Thuram He undertook to thwart this dream with two goals that they put to France in the fight for the Cup and the Croats they sent to the consolation final, which beat against Holland achieving a historic third place.

Davor Suker, then the player Real Madrid, was the top scorer of the tournament with 6 goals and selecting the authentic feel of a championship that took France in a final against Brazil (3-0). Robert Prosinecki, one of the highlights, He was the first player in World Cup history to score in two different selections, one in Yugoslavia 1990 and one with Croatia in this edition of 1998.


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