The legendary anger of Benito Floro at the break of Lleida-Real Madrid

The legendary anger of Benito Floro at the break of Lleida-Real Madrid
Benito Floro was sacked after falling in Lleida (Photo: as)

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Benito Floro He came to Real Madrid In the season 1992-1993 Hand president Ramon Mendoza. The technician, backed by its excellent work in the Albacete, known as 'Mechanical Cheese’, with which he ascended to First Division and was very close to qualifying to play UEFA Cup, He had the opportunity of his life on white bench.

At Real Madrid, Benito Floro ganó la Copa del Rey y la Supercopa de España ambas en 1993. But nevertheless, in March 1994 después de perder contra un recién ascendido como era el Lleida, y decir prácticamente adiós a la Liga, the technician was dismissed.

Precisamente ocurrió en el descanso de ese partido disputado en el Camp d´Esports where the Floro himself gave one of the most legendary fights that have been collected by the cameras or microphones in our league.

The video of the anger of Benito Floro in that Lleida-Real Madrid of 1994

The match played at the stadium ilerdense reached the intermediate with result 2-1 for local assembly, I had not managed to score two goals at home so far no rival. So, Madrid coach exploded against his players reproach, that attitude and lack of testosterone against an opponent who played last season in Second division.

For a staff of Iron, Zamorano, Prosinecki, Luis Enrique, Míchel, ALKORTAse trataba de un palo duro caer en aquel partido y el míster se lo hizo saber a todos ellos.


Probablemente fue el motivo por el que el Real Madrid despidió a Floro

No queda claro si el vídeo se publicó antes o después de que la junta directiva del Real Madrid hubiera tomado una decisión. Pero muchos afirman que pudo ser la gota que colmó el vaso. curiously, once it was official's dismissal Benito Floro as Real coach, It was made official his replacement, Vicente del Bosque. Así el salmantino se hizo cargo del equipo por primera vez en su carrera.

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  1. Those of Canal + they say that the dismissal occurs before the broadcast of the video, but my memory is another. Michael Robinson is not there to ask him and neither is Mendoza; I wouldn't trust Nacho Lewin too much or Floro himself. Difficult to elucidate the doubt.

    There is another very different video of Valdano, motivating in his time at Valencia. I wish they would find him.

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