Copa del Rey a single party and farewell parties on Mondays

Copa del Rey a single party and farewell parties on Mondays
The new format of the Copa del Rey, the light at the end of the tunnel (Photo: As)

Last update January 10, 2020 by Javier Argudo

The modern football It has nothing to do with football lifelong inherited from our parents and grandparents and we fell in love when we were kids. But nevertheless, all is not lost and it seems that is a little light at end of tunnel, at least since the arrival of Luis Manuel Rubiales president of the RFEF.

The new president, which he replaced the eternal Angel Maria Villar, it has been proposed to give a twist to Spanish football. As many want, It seems that Copa del Rey It will be played as a single match at home weakest team. Thus lesser teams get to have more chances of overcoming rounds and the number of games for the teams playing European competition is reduced.

So much Rubiales as Javier Tebas They have reached an agreement (at last) this new format Copa del Rey a single party will be only until the semifinals and will to Return. Of course it is much more fair and exciting format that existed until now greatly reduced surprises.


But nevertheless, the positions between the Luis Rubiales Y Javier Tebas, presidents RFEF and of LaLiga respectively, regarding game days, still very far. Given that setting timetables is a competition of the League, while the days are what the RFEF, he asked the competent body to resolve the matter after receiving allegations League.

Judge Mercantile, Andrés Sánchez Magro It took a Solomonic decision as. League matches will be played on Friday but not on Monday (something that we celebrate football fans). This resolution was received very differently by the leading representatives of Spanish football. On the one hand, Rubiales considered a success and good news for the ordinary fan. For another, Tebas said that revenue for clubs come down significantly: “In England, which it is the example to follow as many, Manchester United plays on Mondays and absolutely nothing happens”.

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