Why Getafe CF shirt is blue?

Why Getafe CF shirt is blue?
Formation of the club Getafe in the season Deprtivo 1976-1977 (As Color)

The Getafe CF It is one of those teams that in the XXI century has achieved a place among the best in the Spanish League. Based on effort, humility and hard work the past azulón set to be a regular minor categories to to settle in the elite.

But nevertheless, all Madrid has had to go through many difficulties throughout its history. In the year 1923 He was born the first club in town, the Sociedad Deportivo Getafe. Unfortunately, did not have a very long life and eventually disappeared in 1933 on the grounds again as Getafe Deportivo in 1946.

Again the economic problems were too serious so in 1983 the club ceased to exist getafense. Born then the current Getafe CF. Under this heading the azulón club He has achieved its greatest successes sporting getting his first promotion to First Division 2004 and qualifying on several occasions to play European competition.


But if there is something that has been common to all 'Getafe’ throughout history it has been the blue color of her shirt. The origin, although not confirmed the 100%, it seems pretty clear. In those early years and in successive, Getafe It was not too big a population composed mainly of working people.

The vast majority of the players who made up the staff of the club were residents of this suburb and many of them worked in the construction sector. That is why it was quite common that often came to training directly from the work monkey typical blue. Apparently, This was the reason why this color was chosen to make it on to represent the club, by his collar roots.

This option is not the only. Some argue that there is also this other reason why the color blue was chosen for the jersey Getafe. This would be of a religious nature and the mantle “Our Lady of the Angels”, Patron saint of the city, It is also this color.

Anyway, the case is that the Getafe CF It is one of the teams that has grown in recent years and certainly, its dark blue color is taking much interest in the Spanish League as well as in Europe where we have seen the club of southern Madrid on several occasions.

Getafe Bayern
Getafe and Bayern Munich played a historic tie in UEFA Cup. The Germans managed to pass so agonized with two goals in extra time (Brand)

further, As a curiosity we should add that dispute with the CD Leganés one derby in the world.

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