How long is the field Oliver and Benji?

How long is the field Oliver and Benji?
The infernal catapult Derrick brothers (Photo:

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Those who were born in 80 We hallucinate in our childhood with a cartoon series that marked a before and after in our lives: champions (better known as Oliver and Benji).

The Chileans, combined shots and golazos that made those kids left us stunned the kids who were trying to imitate his stunts with unfortunate results with our colleagues at school, like is logic.

Something called wide attention was how much it cost to the characters of the series to reach the opponent's area based on its own. Who has not ever wondered… As measures a field Oliver and Benji?

As well, These and many other questions already have answers. A physics student has developed a series of calculations with surprising results of both the size of the field, power shot Oliver, the height of jumps the twins Derrick in his infernal catapult and more.

One of the most striking findings after performing mathematical operations relevant is that the fields in which Oliver Atom, Bruce Harper, Mark Lernders and many played measured neither more nor less than… 18 kilometers long and about 700 meters wide!


further, Oliver I was able to perform jumps over 5 meters to perform one of its Chilean spectacular shot door and reached a speed of 1080 kilometers per hour. Surprising right?

How fast chutaba Oliver?
Oliver and Benji, a series that dazzled us in 80 Y 90 (

Another of the most famous plays of the series is one in which Oliver door pulls and is able to enter the ball into the goal, the goalkeeper (Ed Warner), break the net and the wall behind. Given all this, It is estimated that Ed was good despite some 272 kilos.

The strongly recommend that you visit this link to concoct other fun facts. So worth it and I am sure you echáis a laugh.

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