Best 11 historic Argentina national football team

Last updated June 26, 2019 by Javier Argudo

Whenever you choose the best 11 historical, either of a national team or a certain club, The controversy arises because each of us has a coach in. In the case of Argentina I could not be less.

This time, cOmo usually do whenever we make these items, we try to be as fair as possible given the performance of the players with the team in question, in this case the national team of Argentina.

Best 11 historic Argentina
Best 11 History Argentina (LineUP11)

Many players who have to be out of the eleven, Moreover considering that we are talking about one of the countries with the world footballing tradition. Aimar, Simeone, Veron, Caniggia, Valdano, Rattin, Redondo (although it loses his job due to their low participation in the national team) and many probably deserve to be among the candidates but can only be 11 the chosen ones.

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