Spanish stadiums missing miss

Spanish stadiums missing miss
Les Corts in Barcelona (Photo: somatemps)

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Fans of a club consider the stadium of his beloved second home. When one begins to follow football and to identify themselves with colors, the temple where he enjoys happiness and suffers the pains very deep cove. In this article we will review some of Spanish stadiums missing more miss.


Estadio Sarria
(Photo: Diario La Grada)

The legendary Estadio Sarria, which We have already spoken on more than one occasion, It was the home of RCD Espanyol since 1923 until 1997. At, parakeets fans enjoyed great evenings of football with a special aroma. In this field annotation historical moments as the first goal in the history of the League lived, World Cup matches in Spain '82 or the Barcelona Olympics 10 years later.


Las Gaunas
Old Las Gaunas (HOME)

Few stadiums are more mythical than the old Las Gaunas, house sadly disappeared CD Logrones. Unfortunately that famous “Goal in Gaunas” He ceased to be heard a few years ago with the liquidation of one of the most emblematic clubs of football. Currently a new Las Gaunas stands in the Rioja town where UD Logroñés and SD Logroñés They play their games though, forgive me both clubs, is not the same.


Spanish stadiums missing
Lluís Sitjar Stadium in Mallorca (Photo: Ciberche)

Another Spanish stadiums disappeared in recent decades is the Lluís Sitjar Mallorca. The Spaniard set had to move to Son Moix. For many years the old stadium remained abandoned until it was finally demolished in 2015. The RCD Mallorca He acted as local in this field since 1945 until 1999. Recent years hosted parties vermilion subsidiary.


The Les Corts Barcelona hosted matches from FC Barcelona set 1922 until 1966. Kubala's signing made to stay small because they were many fans who wanted to see him play football and that team so the management decided to build the Camp Nou, opened in 1957.

Spanish stadiums missing
Les Corts in Barcelona (Photo: somatemps)


In a list of mythical Spanish stadiums could not miss missing Atocha, home of the Real society. Since 1913 until 1993 Txuri-urdin the whole lived the best moments of its history. Not in vain, set donostiarra He won two league and shall hold the field. Its ambience and atmosphere in the purest English style gave a unique romantic touch.

Estadio de Atocha
Background of the old stadium Atotxa (EcoDiario)


The old San Mames is another temple we could not ignore this article. Cathedral of Spanish football towered over the city of Bilbao from 1913 until 2013. Its demolition was less traumatic as I stuck the old has been built the new San Mamés where Lions fans still they roaring hard.

Spanish stadiums missing
Old and New San Mamés (revistaadios)


The UD Las Palmas he played from 1949 until 2003 their matches at this stage. The best years were acting together canary home where he was very strong for opponents who visited. The change to Stadium Gran Canaria He has not finished laying all the team well. Currently it has built a park and two tiers of this symbol of the island are preserved.

Old stadium Insular Las Palmas
Insular aerial view of Las Palmas


The actual Levante Stadium little or nothing to do with the old Vallejo field. Located in the heart of the city of Valencia lived the first successes of granota club as the rise harvested 1963. The atmosphere lived there with 15.000 viewers who clenching a great time rivals was unique. Moving house cost him dearly to Barca team as they lost a lot of social mass because the entrances and the area of ​​the new stadium left much to be desired, nothing to do with today.

Mythical Spanish stadiums missing
Vallejo Old Course, Levante House (Photo: Levante UD)


The old Carlos Tartiere is another of the missing Spanish stadiums miss most. The fans carbayona lived great moments including qualifying for European competition contest his team. It was opened in 1932 with the name of Buenavista Stadium and renamed Carlos Tartiere in 1954. Demolition occurred in 2003 and in its place it was built the Palacio de Congresos, a shopping mall and a hotel.

Old Carlos Tartiere
One of the legendary Carlos Tartiere funds Oviedo (Photo: La Soga cultural magazine)


One of the last temples of Spanish football was close down Vicente Calderón. A symbol of the red and white fans who came to cheer their team from 1966 until 2017 in which the Atleti moved to the current Metropolitan (whose name pays homage to the first stage was the mattress set between 1923 until 1966).

Spanish stadiums missing
The legendary Vicente Calderon (Photo: The world)




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