Find out how the role of goalkeepers in soccer teams has changed

Find out how the role of goalkeepers in soccer teams has changed
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In this world everything changes, even football. That purist vision in which the goalkeeper was only dedicated to preventing the balls from inflating his mesh, it's a thing of the past. With an increasingly strategic football, in addition to athletes with greater physical abilities, versatile goalkeepers are required. Preferably, able to make decisions in fractions of a second.

In this sense, physical and mental abilities are in modern football condition sine qua non in the goalkeepers. Follow us until the end of this article and you will learn about the new role of goalkeepers in soccer teams.


Soccer is the king of sports. and as expected, a robust industry ranging from online football betting to the making of clothes, keeps this sport in constant flux. But we must remember what the goalkeepers were like at the beginning of football to be able to establish a comparison. input, It should be mentioned that for many years the goalkeeper was allowed to play with the ball up to the middle of the field. This, evidently, he favored offensive play. However, the rules were changed. A) Yes, since the early twenties of the last century, the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball with his hands beyond the penalty area.

Another important change came at the end of the 20th century.. Still in the penalty area, the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball with his hands when it is returned by a teammate. The new rule of FIFA only allows it if the ball is the product of a headed pass, chest or shoulder. In this way, now the defensive character of the game is limited. But, also, this new rule forced goalkeepers to improve control of the ball. And it is that when the use of their hands is limited, even in receiving passes from his teammates, they should put their feet to better use.

Thanks to these changes, The role of the goalkeeper in today's football has evolved a lot. Now, its function goes far beyond avoiding goals. In modern football, the goalkeeper is the one who initiates the attack of his team. further, for his vision of the field, also plays a key role in party leadership.

The defensive role

When we hear the word "goalkeeper", The first thing that comes to mind is the defensive condition of football.. Not in vain, the best Spanish goalkeepers in history have one characteristic in common: keep your goal unbeatable. But nevertheless, the goalkeeper's work is not limited to the shadow of the three sticks. This is how the modern soccer goalkeeper must be able to fulfill the function of a libero. In this way you can efficiently manage the spaces that are generated behind your defenders when the team is in attack. This prevents counterattacks with leaked balls behind the defensive line. So you have more freedom to make timely clearances, anticipations and even recoveries.

Another function of great importance in the new role of the goalkeeper is leadership.. As we have already advanced, his position in the field allows him a broader vision than the rest of his teammates. This is how you must establish constant and effective communication with the defense, locating them and warning them of dangers. further, the personality of the goalkeeper today takes a greater role in all matches. And it is that he is forced to make very quick decisions that can change the course of a game. In this point, The most important thing is the safety of the goalkeeper when acting.

The offensive role

This is one of the aspects in which goalkeepers have evolved the most in current football. Today most coaches use the goalkeeper to start their offense. In this way they take advantage of their vision of the game, but this assumes excellent physical conditions and good ball handling. Too, they must be skillful in short passes, as well as in those of medium and long distance. Another offensive aspect in which goalkeepers must currently prepare is heading into the rival area. Even, today it is common to see goalkeepers take penalties very effectively.

as we have seen, the role of the goalkeeper has changed a lot in recent years. Y, definitely, this has added excitement to the beautiful game.


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