When the Lleida won at Camp Nou and the goalkeeper had 14 successes in the Predictor

When the Lleida won at Camp Nou and the goalkeeper had 14 successes in the Predictor
Ravnic makes a kick in the match that his team won at the Camp Nou (Youtube)

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Today we have one of those strange stories that we love. We have to travel to the season 1993-1994 in which UE Lleida made history in First Division winning both the FC Barcelona as the Real Madrid even though, yes, it did not serve to prevent the descent.

It was played the 20 November 1993 a party in Camp Nou that faced the FC Barcelona, leader of the competition at that time, Yet the UE Lleida that I came to the Coliseum as bottom club FC Barcelona. Nothing presaged a possible surprise and everyone took for granted the local victory. Good, not everyone as the visitors' keeper, Croatian plains, It was clear that the sign should be placed in The pool at that meeting was a “2”.

Barca led by Johan Cruyff on the bench he came out with a very recognizable alignment with Laudrup, Bakero, Stoichkov, Romario… leaving only a regular holder like Koeman in suplencia. The Lleida he held out as best he could, with an orderly defense and not concede many chances to his rival. But nevertheless, the stroke of half, The referee awarded a penalty in favor of the locals for knocking down Stoichkov within the area.

It was at that moment when plains, porter who had signed in good seasons Real Valladolid years ago and he had been involved in the rise of the Lleida the previous season, It was erected in protagonist of the game. The Croatian goalkeeper was not unnerved and interrupted the launch of Romario. The game went to rest with him 0-0 Initial and ilerdenses still alive.


The second part again a replica of the first. The Barça He had possession but did not create clear chances while Lleida it was encouraging step on the opponent's area increasingly dangerous. In one of those, when only they detracted 3 minutes for 90 party, Jaime Quesada made a historic goal that gave the victory to the visitors leaving the ice cream Camp Nou where only the cries were heard from the fans ilerdense.

Initial formation with which UE Lleida won at the Camp Nou (Twitter: Dani Badía)

The story put plains who confessed to the end of the party that had 14 successes in the Predictor and that, Of course, had bet on the victory of his team in the Camp Nou that night. That was not the only triumph of prestige of that team as we said at the beginning of the article because the group led by Mané manage to defeat the Real Madrid at Camp d´Esports causing the famous brawl Benito Floro to Madrid players.



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