Legend equipment: El Dream Team Johan Cruyff

Legend equipment: El Dream Team Johan Cruyff
Laudrup, Stoichkov and Koeman formed a fancy hat trick in the Dream Team (Pinterest)

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In previous articles we've talked about some legendary teams who made history by their style of play and its dominance over the rest of rivals. Today we remember the Johan Cruyff's Barça, also know as Dream Team.

Indeed, that equipment can not be understood without its star, I was not on the pitch but on the bench. Cruyff He arrived at FC Barcelona triumphed set after five seasons as Barca player that got a league, Cup and was won two Golden Balls.

But nevertheless, his career as coach Barça It would be even brighter.


During 8 seasons got 4 Suspenders (consecutively), 1 Copa del Rey, 3 Supercopa of Spain, 1 Recopa, 1 European Super Cup Y, Of course, the first European Cup the Catalan side won Wembley Sampdoria.

Dream Team
Training Barca proclaimed champion of Europe in 1992 in Wembley. Above: Zubizarreta, Nando, Julio Salinas, Koeman, Michael Laudrup, Stoichkov y Eusebio; Down: Bakero, Ferrer, Guardiola, Juan Carlos.

That team dazzled everyone. His flashy game, touch and especially possession became the watchword Barça and he has lasted until today: “While we have the ball, the opponent we can not score a goal”, He said 'El Flaco'.


logically, that team also had a lot of quality in the field. Since his arrival in the season 1988-1989, Cruyff He began to put together a set of dream. Gradually foreign players were coming from the likes of Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov o Ronald Koeman.

In those days it had not yet been implemented the 'Bosman ruling’, so that foreign players could only be three per team and were marking the differences. The remaining positions were covered with large national players.

The base of the team was formed during many years by Basque players Zubizarreta, Beguiristain, Bakero or Goikoetxea. Also important was the arrival to the first team of players from the quarry among which highlighted a name above all: Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola Barca
Guardiola lifts the first European Cup in the history of Barca (televised sports)

Which later he became first team coach was from the beginning the extension of the technician in the field. And if that was not enough, In the season 1993-1994 Brazilian he arrived Romario he scored 30 goals and was key to the Dream Team got his fourth straight league.


Of course, team of legend has a beginning and an end. In the campaign 1994-1995 He began to forge the end of an era. Some stars as el Feeders Michael Laudrup They left the team to go to Real Madrid. Shortly afterwards he was himself Romario which he packed up after having some problems with the technical.

further, stage Cruyff He had its black spots. A progress Laudrup Y Romario He joined of Andoni Zubizarreta. Some accused the technician make room for players like his son George, Busquets or even your son Angoy. President Núñez directly she accused him of 'plug’ these players.

In any case we will always remember the Dream Team one of the best teams in history, able to dominate Spanish football for many seasons and make the Barça also a formidable team in Europe.



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