Why Atletico appears in the shield of UD Las Palmas?

Why Atletico appears in the shield of UD Las Palmas?
Shield UD Las Palmas (Youtube)

For those who like both football and we collected trading cards, cuts, everything about this blessed sport since childhood was always an enigma and the presence of the pins coat of Atletico Madrid in the emblem of the UD Las Palmas. But nevertheless, everything has an explanation.

First say that the shield is not exactly that of the Atletico Madrid but a team that was founded in 1911 in Las Palmas. At first his name was to CD Santa Catalina and in 1926 He adopted the of Athletic Club (which would lead to Athletic Club in 1941 with the prohibition of foreign words) in reference to the whole mattress. Likewise also copied his red and white colors for shirt and blue pants and to shield the light hue of not incorporating bear and arbutus typical of the capital of Spain but a drago, tree typical island.

NACE in Las Palmas 1949

As well, this club with four others (CD Gran Canaria, Real Club Victoria, Arenas Club Y Marino Football Club) all regional teams, They decided to form a more powerful in order to retain young and talented players canaries that migrated to the peninsula. He was born and the UD Las Palmas in 1949.

Shield UD Las Palmas
Shields of 5 canaries clubs joined to form part of a new team stronger (UD Las Palmas)

Thus, thanks to the efforts of Manuel Rodríguez Monroy Y Adolfo Miranda Ortega who spared no efforts to bring together the five clubs, all shields are present in the current of the Canary group that since its foundation has been a special bond with Atletico Madrid.

Not in vain, many canaries players who searched beans off the island before the foundation of the UD, found accommodation in the Atletico as Martin Cabral, Melon O Paco Campos. Years after the Madrid team managed to win two league titles (1949-1950 Y 1950-1951) with various players like canaries Silva, Duran, Mújica O Núñez. That team became known as the “athletic canary”. Thus many fans on the island athletic supporters made so it is obvious that, in its origin, the link between the two clubs was great and it was recorded in the shield of UD Las Palmas forever.


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