Francesco Totti, the Caesar of the Ball

Francesco Totti, the Caesar of the Ball
Francesco Totti 'Il Capitano'. PHOTO:

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Francesco Totti eternal legend of the city of Rome. Represented loyalty by some colors, the yellow and red. He played nothing more and nothing less than 782 matches with AS Roma and was world champion with Italy in 2006.

Francesco Totti, 'Captain’

The number 10 of the Eternal City from a very young age he was a great fan of Rome. To such an extent, who refused to perform the tests to enter the quarry of Milan and also those of the staunch rival of the Italian capital. Betting everything on your team, with the dream of playing in the Olympic with the shirt of his heart.

Finally, Roma knocked on his door at thirteen. As they say, Who does not risk does not win and it is clear that Totti bet and won clearly. To the 16 years of age already debuted in Seria A and the rest is history.

Totti was pure intelligence on the field, big pin, great technique and scorer. Suffice it to say that he is the wolf's top scorer in history with 307 goals, to realize his scoring nose. He got quite a few titles throughout his career, in which they stand out.

The league championship in the campaign 2000-01, in which he scored 18 many. Two glasses of Italy in 2007 Y 2008 and also two Italian super cups. His most important trophy was obviously the World Cup obtained in Germany 2006, beating France in the final. Final in which Totti came out in the starting eleven, being important for your selection throughout the world.

One of the 'One Club Men’

Individually he got a golden boot and was awarded the silver ball. Trophies aside, Totti is currently still linked to the club of his life after his retirement in 2017. “The Captain´´ demonstrated his loyalty to his club and his city by being one of the ‘One Club Men‘, something that today is missing in football. But the most important thing was that he left his stamp as a legend and as a great person in the Olympic Stadium, Roma, Italy and it can be said that in the whole world.

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