The first foreigner in the history of Athletic Club de Bilbao

The first foreigner in the history of Athletic Club de Bilbao
Biurrun celebrating a goal with the shirt of RCD Espanyol (Sports world)

Today we bring one of those stories we like to count on FUTBOLRETRO.ES and we hope our readers also like. The protagonist, a goalkeeper who played in the Spanish League teams as Athletic Club de Bilbao, Real society, RCD Espanyol Y Osasuna can be considered the first 'foreign’ in the history of the club San Mames. Your name, Vicente Biurrun.

The first foreign Athletic

goalkeeper, Basque parents, born in Brazil, specifically in the city of Sao Paulo where his family emigrated for work, the 1 September 1959. There remained several years until they returned to San Sebastián and the young lad could start kicking a ball fry the Real society.

After playing in the youth team of San Sebastian and two seasons in the opportunities (txuri subsidiary urdin) He had the opportunity to ascend to the first team. But nevertheless, the undisputed Arconada She deprived him of his debut with Real in the Primera Division so he packed his bags and went on loan to Osasuna. In Pamplona he spent three seasons in which he was less more to become a permanent fixture which helped him to sign for Athletic Club In the season 1986-1987 becoming the first 'foreign’ Club history.

In San Mames juice 4 seasons being a starter in all. I did not have it easy as it was commissioned to replace Zubizarreta who had gone to the FC Barcelona, but Biurrun amply fulfilled. After its stage in Bilbao, Brazilian-born goalkeeper made back pack to play for RCD Espanyol.

Four seasons parakeet what, this time, They were more less. The first two were titular and substitute the following two so he decided to return to the Basque Country to sign for the Real society, his first club, and thus remove the thorn of not being able to defend the jersey txuri urdin in First Division.

Biurrun's shirts made by his aunt Pauli

He hung up his boots 35 years and after more than 300 matches in the elite top clubs defending our football. Anecdotally we say that Biurrun He always played with unique shirts made by his aunt Pauli. As the protagonist himself has counted on more than one occasion, at that time the clubs do not put a lot of problems as long as they sewed up both the brand logo to the team dressed as the shield of the club, something that in football today, it would be totally unthinkable.

Obviously, Biurrun It was as Basque as the most, but no doubt that was the first player born abroad (not counting the early years when there were naturally English) to defend T-Shirt Athletic Club.


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