Uruguay World 1930: “Better to lose, if we do not all die here”

Uruguay World 1930: “Better to lose, if we do not all die here”
Formation of Uruguay that won the first World Cup in history (Photo: pasionfutbol.net)

The world Cup it is full of curious stories and anecdotes. Since its first edition in Uruguay in the year 1930 have been 20 the world championships that have been held around the planet and have left us with an endless number of curiosities that we like to remember. This time we traveled to that Uruguay World to analyze the first end of the story.

El Mundial de Uruguay 1930, el primer Mundial de la historia

Lo primero que debemos decir es que aquella, la primera Copa del Mundo de la historia, fue una edición con poca participación de países europeos debido a la distancia que había que recorrer hasta el país americano con una larguísima travesía en barco que además era muy costosa económicamente. Finally there were four teams from the old continent who attended: France, Yugoslavia, Romania Y Belgium.

The big favorites were Uruguay Y Argentina who did not disappoint and planted themselves in that final after eliminating in the semifinals by two forceful 6-1 a Yugoslavia Y U.S. The meeting between both teams became more than just a soccer match.

to get started, according to the members of the albiceleste selection, They had trouble falling asleep since the Charrúa fans came to the hotel where they were staying to disturb almost every night, knowing from the beginning that the champion of that World Cup was going to decide between Uruguayans and Argentines.

Los balones de la final del Mundial de 1930

The first dispute that arose in that final was with which ball the match should be played. At that time each team went to the appointment with their ball. In the end, the referee of the match decided to play the first part with a ball and the second part with the other. Solomonic decision.

The first balls in the history of the World Cups
The two balls that were used in the final of the Uruguay World Cup in 1930 (Photo: aminoapps.com)

break Argentina expired by 1-2 and he was better than his rival. But nevertheless, The albiceleste players were under great environmental pressure and, as account, in the locker room some of them felt real fear. It looks like, Paternoster he came to say to his companions: “We better lose or not get out of here alive”. Monti, another Argentine player, came to declare that: “None of us wanted to win that final for fear of dying”.

Anyway, in the second half Uruguay traced the scoreboard and achieved victory by 4-2 before the delirium of the public that went to Montevideo Centennial Stadium that 30 July 1930.

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