Athletic Club-Atletico Madrid, the rivalry between two clubs that began as relatives

Athletic Club-Atletico Madrid, the rivalry between two clubs that began as relatives
Athletic held the Cup title won at Atletico 1956 at the Santiago Bernabeu (Photo: Brand)

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Today it is more than evident the separation and independence of a team over the other. Athletic Club de Bilbao Y Club Atlético de Madrid They maintain a rivalry for many years as one of the best teams in Spain, in fact, are the fifth and third in the historical classification of Liga respectively. But nevertheless, There was a time when they were close relatives.

The Athletic Club de Bilbao born in 1898. It was in 1903, after disputing the final of the Cup of Spain between Bilbao and Madrid Football Club when the idea of ​​creating a subsidiary in the capital team emerged. A group of young Basque students requested permission to found the Madrid Athletic Club Branch, a clarifier name, receiving the approval by the directors of the Bilbao club.

Initially the Madrid team was a subsidiary of the Basque, in fact, They were no match official party and, also, the Athletic Club players used Madrid Athletic Club Branch if he needed. Both teams shared luggage (blue shirt half and half white, blue pants and black stockings) they bought in England, specifically to Blackburn Rovers, what fue changed by the rojiblanco because in one of the trips to gain more luggage, a Basque manager failed t-shirts Blackburn so I had to settle for some of Southampton (rojiblancas), which led to the change of shirt at both clubs. yes, Madrid team kept blue pants beginning to differentiate themselves from their 'parent'.

From Atlético Aviación to Atlético de Madrid

It was in 1921 when the 'independence occurs’ final of Athletic Club de Madrid which opened shortly after the Metropolitano Stadium (1923). further, both took part in the founding of the National League Championship started in 1928 as two separate clubs each other. After the Civil War 1939, Athletic Club de Madrid was merged with the National Aviation forming Club Atlético Aviación which was renamed Club Atlético de Madrid in 1947.

Since then, rivalry between the teams and hobbies is most evident. Is about two of the biggest clubs in Spanish football numerous national titles (8 leagues and 23 Cups in the case of the Basque side by 10 leagues and 10 Madrid tops). yes, on an international level, The capital club has achieved greater success getting 2 UEFA Cups, 1 Recopa, 2 European Super Cups and 1 Intercontinental. Definitely, a rivalry that comes from afar two institutions began as relatives.





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