Florin Raducioiu and her impressive record

Florin Raducioiu and her impressive record
Florin Raducioiu scores a goal after dribbling Juan Carlos Ablanedo, Real Sporting goalkeeper (Brand)

The story of Florin Raducioiu It is one of the most curious in football. Romanian striker, that shone especially in the World Cup 1994 held in United States, He is one of the greatest globetrotters this wonderful sport has given.

He began his career in the Dynamo Bucharest. Very young, with only 16 years, made the jump to first team with the help of Mircea Lucescu. He soon settled among the headlines and his good work allowed him to reach the one, by then, it was the best league in the world: Italian Serie A.

Thus began the first of many experiences in foreign football for this ‘Willy Fog’ football. In his first season in Bari got 5 goals. It was not too spectacular a figure. He subsequently signed for the Hellas Verona and from there it went to Brescia where he did score a significant amount: 13 many.

It was then that a club of the stature of AC Milan was done with his signing. Raducioiu was going to compete to start in a team that, at that time, He had: Papin, Massaro, Simone or self Van Basten (that he could not play for a single minute due to a bloody injury that would eventually remove him).

Although the stage of Raducioiu in San Siro it was brief, his only season like Red-black allowed him to be crowned champion of the League and European Cup. There is nothing.


Then came the wonderful summer of 1994. Romania, with one of the best generations in its history, turned the United States World Cup upside down with a team that was one of the great entertainers of the competition. Led by Gheorge Hagi, the Romanians were first in their group and subsequently eliminated, no more no less, than Argentina in the round of 16. In the quarters they fell in the penalty shootout against Sweden. Raducioiu he was one of the best of his team scoring 4 goals.

Raducioiu Romania
Raducioiu celebrates one of his goals in USA ’94 (Bwin)

After 4 years in Italy (wearing the shirt of 4 different teams), the player headed to Spain. The RCD Espanyol would be your new destination. In Sarria He had a little more continuity since he stayed in the club two consecutive seasons in which he was more or less habitual starter.

But Florin lacked many countries to know and big leagues to enjoy.. The season 1996-1997 distributes it between the West Ham of the Premier League and RCD Espanyol. One year later, tab for the Stuttgart of the German Bundesliga to complete the four most important leagues in Europe.

Pochettino Espanyol
Radu and Pochettino in the presentation of RCD Espanyol 1994-1995 (Hall Of Fame Perico)

There was still a record to meet. Italy, Spain, England and Germany were not enough. France was missing. That is why in the season 2000-2001 Y 2001-2002, with his signing for the Monaco, Raducioiu closed a spectacular record. The Romanian footballer thus managed to play in the five major European Leagues.

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  1. A compatriot of yours, Popescu, played in the big four, more holland and turkey. France lacked, although it is not that the French league is much superior to the Turkish one, for example.

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