Why the World Cup in the USA 94 It was a different World Cup?

Why the World Cup in the USA 94 It was a different World Cup?
Why USA 94 it was a special World Cup? For things like this EEEU-Switzerland played in a stadium with a roof. PHOTO: Brand

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World Cup USA 94 It is for many the World Cup in capital letters. For generations born in the early years of the 80 was possibly the first they saw or followed with full attention. But World USA 94 it was also a different championship for many things, not only because it was the first to be organized in a country with little football tradition up to that point, such as the United States, which knew little or nothing about it. ‘soccer‘, if not also for the large number of news and changes that the tournament left in modern football.

The news that the USA World Cup brought 94

The World USA 94 brought 2 novelties that we see today in modern football and that have been installed since then: the players' shirts began to show their names on the back along with a fixed number and the referees stopped wearing the black that characterized them to wear colored shirts like yellow, pink and even silver.

World USA 94
USA 94 it was the first World Cup where the players wore the name on their jerseys. PHOTO: As

It was also the first in which in the group stage, the victory began to count 3 points instead of 2 that were worth even Italy 90. And if that was not enough, for the first time in a World Cup a match was played in a stadium with roof. It was at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, where the hosts, the United States and Switzerland tied at 1.

The surprises that this USA World Cup left us 94

One of the biggest surprises that he left us USA 94 was the Bulgaria of Hristo Stoichkov. Bulgarians, they were one of the best teams that went through the tournament. Players like Letchkov, Ivanov, Kiriakov or Balakov among others, They made a name for themselves in international football. Own Stoichkov fue Bota de Oro of the tournament with 6 goals with the russian oleg Salenko and Bulgaria, which until this tournament had never won a match and, on top of that, had lost the first match 3-o against Nigeria, reached the semifinals making history.

Sweden was another surprise of the tournament. Hand in hand with Dhalin, Larsson, Brolin and Kenneth anderson the Swedes also reached the semi-finals. Romania with Hagi and Florin Raducioiu was another of the cheerleaders of the tournament. Also Amunike's Nigeria, Amokachi, Finidi and Yekini.

The World Cup at the end of Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona (1960-2020) is for many the best footballer in history. In USA 94 He played his fourth and last World Cup, which he also had to say goodbye to in a very sad way. 'The fuzz’ I was going back to 34 years after undergoing hard training to get into shape and also, scored a great goal against Greece. But nevertheless, was expelled from the tournament by his own team after giving positive by ephedrine and four other stimulant substances. Your image, getting out of hand with a medical assistant to perform the test, It was his last image as a soccer player for the Argentine national team and also his last snapshot as a soccer player in a World Cup..

Maradona USA 94
This was the last photo of Maradona in the World Cup in the USA 94. PHOTO:AS

The murder of Andres Escobar

One of the events that marked the most was the murder of Andres Escobar after Colombia was eliminated by an own goal by the Colombian defender. The Colombians were one of the favorites of the tournament after having won in the qualifying phase 0-5 Argentina to Buenos Aires but it was one of the disappointments of the tournament where in the end they were eliminated in the second round. Ten days after the fateful own goal, Escobar was murdered at the door of a nightclub in Medellín.

Roberto Baggio, the star of the tournament with permission from forward Romario-Bebeto

World Cup USA 94 It was won by Brazil in the first goalless final in tournament history and Italy was runner-up. Roberto Baggio missed the decisive penalty of the tournament although that, did not overshadow who was arguably the best player in the championship. The 10 italiano, was decisive in taking his country to the gates of success, especially in the second phase of the tournament. That allowed him to win the Golden Ball of 1994 that he shared with another of the winners of the tournament, Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov.

Other winners of the tournament were Bebeto and Romario. Brazilians, they formed without a doubt the best scoring couple that is remembered in a World Cup and also, They left for the memory one of the best celebrations that are remembered in an appointment of this type when Mazinho and Romario accompanied Bebeto to dedicate a goal to their newborn son that by the way, now he is also a footballer.

World USA 94
This was undoubtedly the celebration of the USA World Cup. 94. PHOTO: Youtube

Russia-Cameroon, the match of world records

It was an inconsequential match at the championship level as both teams were eliminated and did not pass the first round but nevertheless it was the match of the records and not only because of the result. (6-1). It was because Oleg Salenko scored 5 goals of the 6 of his team which allowed him to be a Golden Boot with Stoichkov and because Roger Milla that had almost astonished the 40 in Italy 90, became the oldest scorer in World Cup history after marking with 42 years the goal of honor of his team.

Salenko and Roger Milla
Roger Milla with Oleg Salenko at the USA ’94 World Cup. They both broke a record that day (Photo: Eurosport)

The best images of the USA 94

elbow of tassotti
The famous elbow of tassotti Luis Enrique is still engraved in the memory of Spanish fans (Cope)
Roberto Baggio Italy Mundial de USA 94
Roberto Baggio, one of the best Italian footballers in history in the USA 94(Jot Down)
Best Swedish footballers
The selection of Sweden made history in World USA 1994 (The world)
Ronaldo Nazario in USA 94
Ronaldo and Romario celebrate the title of Brazil in USA'94 (tvazteca.com)
Lobo Zagallo
Roberto Baggio missed the decisive penalty for the USA World Cup 94. Something the Wolf Zagallo predicted before launch (Photo: Peru.com
US World Cup ball 1994
The Questra USA 94, one of the best balls of history. Photo: Official Balls
Football referees in USA 94
One of the great innovations of World Cup USA '94 was seeing collegiate with colored shirts (Football Museum)
Peter Rufai
Maradona and Rufai, Argentina captains and Nigeria respectively, they greet each other before meeting in USA'94 (sportsvillagesquare)

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