Great European clubs that have not won the League for many years

Great European clubs that have not won the League for many years
Tottenham achieved the League and Cup double in England in en 1961 (Soccer Score)

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After 30 years, Liverpool got, at last, win the Premier League. In fact, the English team had not yet achieved it with this new name. The Anfield case is not isolated. In this article we will review the great European clubs that have not won a league in more years in their respective countries.


The Neapolitan group lived its golden age hand in hand with Diego Armando Maradona. With the fuzz in their ranks, the Naples won two league titles in 1987 Y 1989, plus a UEFA Cup. Although later it has conquered some Glass of Italy, the truth is that the Scudetto has resisted him.


Another of the big european clubs who has not triumphed in his domestic competition for a long time. The Everton has 9 League titles but the last was in the year 1987. The worst thing for them is that it does not seem that this streak is going to end in the short term.


One of the teams with the best record of the Spanish League. But nevertheless, the Athletic Club I haven't taken a walk for many years the barge to celebrate a league title. The Lions, that have 8 Suspenders, do not win the title of regularity since the year 1984.


The clock that marked the time of Hamburg in First Division it stopped with the descent of the team. Six German Leagues rest in the club's showcases although the last one is from 1983.


Set blue and white won two Leagues consecutively in the first seasons of the years 80. That great team made history but, since then, the hobby of the Real society has not been able to celebrate any more league championships since 1982.

Real Sociedad champions
The historic Real Sociedad that won two Leagues consecutively (uncheck)


Nowadays, the PSG has the hegemony of French football. But nevertheless, the team that dominated for many years was the Saint Ettiene that he conquered even in 10 championship occasions. yes, you have to go back to 1981 to remember the last time this happened.

platini saint etienne
El Saint Etienne, with Michel Platini in their ranks, conquered the French League in the season 1980-1981 (Pinterest)


The German team dominated the football of their country in the years 70. I didn't have it easy, as he had to compete with one of the best teams in history such as the Bayern Munich de Beckenbauer, Muller O Maier among others. Their 5 only leagues were won in that prodigious decade, the last in 1977.


One of the great European clubs that has a bad streak is the Torino. The garnet club lives in the shadow of the powerful Juventus. Although he won 7 times the league, the last time was, no more no less, what in 1976.


Definitely, one of the best clubs in all of England. yes, at the title level it continues to cost the Tottenham who has not won the league since 1961. We'll see if he can end this streak shortly or his fans have to keep waiting.


Sevilla has swelled to win Copas del Rey Y UEFA Cups (already with the new name of Europa League). But nevertheless, Regarding the league title, Hispanics only have a trophy dating from 1946. Almost nothing.


Like your neighbors, the Real Betis only add one league. The verdiblancos won it in the season 1934-1935 so that, as they say, it has rained a lot since then.


Case Genoa deserves a special mention. In the early years he became the great dominator of the Italian football. The Genoese club won 9 league titles. But nevertheless, the last was in 1924 so that, the curse of the star that credits the teams that add 10 or more leagues, still valid since then.


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