Barge Athletic Club de Bilbao

Barge Athletic Club de Bilbao
Barge with Athletic Club expedition after winning the league title in 1983 (The country)

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Younger will not remember, but there was a time when the Athletic Club de Bilbao He dominated the Spanish League. And we do not talk only of those early years of competition in which the rojiblanco was one of the rivals to beat, but more recently in the early years of the decade of the 80 where it came la gabarra del Athletic who became famous.


In the season 1982-1983 the competition reached the last game of the season with Real Madrid as a leader and Athletic Club as runner. The Basques were forced to win the UD Las Palmas and expect the Merengues fell on his visit to derrotatdo Mestalla (at that time Luis Casanova).

The thing was not easy but the main hope for was that the lions Valencia, Real Madrid rival, Permanence played in the First Division and needed victory.

The locals did their part and won a comfortable victory in the Canaries land by a strong 1-5. The team, who was then heading Javier Clemente, He did what he had to do and now had to wait for good news arrived from Valencia.

effectively, Che managed to win the set Real Madrid by 1-0 with a solo Miguel goal Tendillo. Valencia could stay and champion step towards the Athletic Club.

It was then that the directive rojiblanca improvised a celebration was a success and went down in history. That 2 May 1983 many people expected in celebration as it was 27 years that the Athletic He had not won a league and 10 He not added any title to his resume.

La gabarra del Athletic He crossed the river and approximately one million people could cheer for their heroes. this vessel, symbol of the industrial process of Vizcaya in the nineteenth century, He served to carry that mythical workforce of Zubizarreta, Liceranzu, Goikoetxea, Dani, Sarabia And a long etcetera.

The doublet AND BARGE

Just one year later, Athletic barge returned to the estuary and in the 1983-1984 The Basque team achieved a historic double revalidating their league title and also getting the Cup title so rugged that final against FC Barcelona.

Since then, la gabarra del Athletic He has not returned to make an appearance. Rojiblanco has won two Super Cups Spain (one immediately in the season 1984-1985 and most recently in the 2015-2016). You should wait for a special occasion.


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