Levante Champion Cup in Spain Libre 1937

Levante Champion Cup in Spain Libre 1937
The trophy won by Levante 1937 )Photo: Levante UD)

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They have passed over 80 years since that 18 July 1937 in which the Levante named champion he proclaimed 'Free Spain Cup’ which took place in the Republican zone in a country that was mired in a Civil war. Today, granota club continues vindicating the officialdom of this title that RFEF denied.

In that tournament only participated teams from Valencia and Catalonia, territories under the control of republican authorities. championship, impulsed by Joseph Rodriguez Tortajada, at that time president of the Valencia FC, He was played between 6 June and said 18 July with Levante, Valencia, Girona Y Espanyol as teams.


The competition system was liguilla a back and forth between the four teams, qualifying the first two for the final. Levante Y Valencia They finished first and second faces respectively and were in the Sarria Stadium in Barcelona. A lone goal from grandchild meant the 1-0 final and meant the only title in history for granotas still struggling for that officialdom.

The trophy rests proudly in the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia waiting to be recognized. In fact, The case was brought to the Congress of Deputies urged the RFEF to rule on the official or tournament. Something that was rejected by a majority as it was considered a friendly tournament organized by the Valencia CF and therefore no official status. One reason is that no teams participated rest of Spain and only did the Republican zone.


In 1939, just after the Civil War and with Franco in power, Cup final was played between Sevilla and the Racing Ferrol, with Sevilla win 6-2. this championship, in which teams did not participate in the Republican zone (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia), yes he is recognized to set hispalense, in fact it was his second title something the club considers unfair granota.

The Levante, a special club up to win the only title in its history, will continue to seek official recognition of the achievements in Spain that he found in football that way of escape from social reality that suffered in those days if only for a while.

Levante champion
Levante won the Cup in Spain Libre 1937 in Sarriá against Valencia (Photo: Levante UD)




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One thought on “Levante Champion Cup in Spain Libre 1937

  1. First of all this tournament is called “Free Spain Cup”… nothing about the Free Spain Cup or the Republic Cup as the supporters of making it official are airing it. They badly start to claim its officialization if they already manipulate the name with the intention of being recognized in the Spanish Cup category.
    Nor is it true that the RFEF did not recognize the tournament by the number of participants. The RFEF did not recognize it because already in 1937 the FEF itself announced that it was suspending all national tournaments. Thus, the FEF cannot recognize what it was in charge of not organizing.

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