James Rodriguez, the star that shone brightest in the World Cup in Brazil 2014

James Rodriguez, the star that shone brightest in the World Cup in Brazil 2014
James Rodriguez celebrates his goal against Uruguay in the World Cup in Brazil 2014 (Colombian Football Federation)

Colombia It was one of the great sensations of the World Brazil 2014. In the first phase, the coffee made full of victories (3 of 3) Thank you, partly, to the great performances of one of its stars: James Rodriguez.

The young midfielder dazzled the world for its high quality and precision in the beating. But that selection was more than James Rodriguez. Soccer players of the stature of Radamel Falcao, Teófilo Gutiérrez, Juan Cuadrado O Jackson Martínez They were in the prime of their careers.

In the second round come the great moment of the protagonist of this article. James He scored what for many was the best goal of the tournament. An unstoppable left-footed shot that slipped through the squad defended by Uruguayan Fernando Muslera.

But nevertheless, after the victory over Colombia Uruguay, the cross-quarter would be against hosts Brazil. The 'canarinha’ He achieved a narrow win and sent Colombia at home. A shame, since the coffee growers were deploying some great football at that World Cup.


Despite the bitter defeat, consecrated tournament James Rodríguez who fulfilled a dream signing for Real Madrid. The meringue set disbursed 70 millions of euros to get one of the big stars of that tournament.

Colombia's performance in the club merengue was most irregular. While it is true that had enough prominence in his first season (46 parties and 17 goals all competitions), the truth is that slowly was losing weight on your computer. yes, you can always claim to have added important titles as a Spanish league, 2 Champions League, 2 Mundialitos Club and other 2 European Super Cups.

After a couple of years given in the ranks of the Bayern Munich German and a campaign almost blank, it seems the unhappy marriage between James Rodriguez and the Real Madrid finally should end this summer. Wolverhampton has become a favorite for the Colombian according to comments Paruk the SportsBettingDime sitio. There is a great possibility that the Wolves lost a star striker Raul Jimenez in the next transfer window, with Real Madrid as favorite to acquire Mexican, and that would leave a huge hole to fill ahead.

Another who will struggle to gain the services of the Colombian is the Atletico Madrid. The Cholo Simeone feels special predilection for his game and was already close to achieving the signing in the summer of 2019. But nevertheless, the tremendous defeat by Real Madrid 7-3 against the mattress set itself, He is made a key to stop the transfer.

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