The rise of Valencia CF to First Division

The rise of Valencia CF to First Division
Valencia players celebrate promotion to First 1987 (Photo: The Journal)

A younger will sound like Chinese, but there was a time when the Valencia CF She had to fight the copper in Second division. It is true that many years have passed since that last cruise was the revival of a club that just a year before going through one of the worst moments of his centennial history.


In the mid season 1985-1986, Of Stefano He had reached the bench 'che’ to try to save the club from relegation something he could not get. Thus, a new stage in which the Argentine coach on the bench continued to try to win promotion was started immediately. Arturo Tuzón It was by then club president and, Given the serious economic crisis and the tremendous debt that crawled, we opted for austerity.

a team that combined the experience of some veteran players formed (Captain Ricardo Arias, Javier Subirats or the goalkeeper Sempere) with many young players with a lot of projection that would make history at the club (Quique Sanchez Flores, Fernando Giner, Fernando Gómez Colomer, Carlos Arroyo, Emili Fennel O Voro among others).

CLIMB MESTALLA against Recreativo

The Valencia CF He won promotion with three games left winning in Mestalla (at that time called Luis Casanova) by 2 goals 0 al Recreativo de Huelva in a season 86-87 that it got, both first and second, 34 days regular season and 10 Playoff. Logroñés and Celta de Vigo accompanied the Valencians to the First Division. The historic alignment in the party's rise was made up: Sempere, Quique, Arias, Giner, Revert, Bossio, Arroyo, Subirats, Fernando, Alcañiz Y fennel.

That team was characterized as very consistent back and have a great balance in all its lines and players. further, the goal was divided among several players (Alcañiz, Fernando, Sixto or even Quique They were able to score 9 O 10 goals each). The base that Valencia Second it was so strong that just two years later got finished third in the league behind Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona.


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