Players with most matches in Primera Division

Players with most matches in Primera Division
Joaquín equalized the 41 years Zubizarreta's record of 622 matches. PHOTO: @joaquinarte

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The Spanish Liga began in the season 1928-1929. We have since been many players who have participated in the top flight of Spanish football but few have overcome the barrier of 500 matches. Today we will talk about those players with most appearances in the Primera Division Spanish. All of them, They have been able to overcome the barrier of 500 matches and eye because one of them still continues to be active and that is why their number continues to grow.

Players with the most appearances in the Spanish First Division

ZUBIZARRETA (622 matches)

Zubizarreta Valencia CF
Basque goalkeeper has been the only one who has overcome the barrier of 600 First games (622). He played for Athletic Club de Bilbao (169), Barça (301) and Valencia (152). As a curiosity that all were as a starter and they were only incomplete 4. (The Journal).

JOAQUIN SÁNCHEZ (622) matches)

Joaquín Sánchez
Special mention should Joaquín Sánchez, Real Betis football player, which is still active and has already surpassed the 550 meetings and now it seems that is here to stay. We'll see if he can stand as leader of this roster with more matches in the history of La Liga (Sports stadium)

Raul Gonzalez (550 matches)

Players with more games
A myth of Real Madrid. Raul Gonzalez Blanco played 550 matches, all with the shirt of Real Madrid, First Division (

Eusebio Sacristan (543 matches)

Players with more games
Without making much noise sneaks into this list Eusebio Sacristan. He played a total of 543 games distributed between Real Valladolid (246), Atletico Madrid (27), FC Barcelona (203) and Celta de Vigo (67) (Sports world)

Francisco Buyo (542 matches)

Paco Buyo
One of the great goalkeepers of the Spanish football. He played 542 parties divided between Sevilla (199) and Real Madrid (343) (Vintage football)

Manolo Sanchis (523 matches)

Players with more games
One of the great captains of history merengue. Manolo Sanchis was the first of Fifth Vulture Real Madrid to reach the first team and the last to leave. Juice 523 First all matches with Real Madrid shirt. (

LEO MESSI (520 matches)

players with the most games in the First Division
Until his departure 2021, Leo Messi disputed 520 parties like culé. PHOTO:

We also want to highlight Iker Casillas (510), Sergio Ramos (508), Xavi Hernandez (505) Y Miquel Soler (504) who managed to also exceed the figure of 500 games in the top flight of Spanish football.

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