Reliving the best Champions League finals

Reliving the best Champions League finals

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The Champions League, the most prestigious club competition in the world, it has long been a scene of epic football battles. in every ending, teams fight not only for the glory of the present, but also for immortality in football history books. Over the years, We have witnessed endings that have left their mark, matches that have defined generations and changed the course of football. meetings in which sports betting on Betfair they have given great overturns or scandalous goals.

The final of the edition will arrive next Saturday 2022/2023, that will face Manchester City and Inter Milan. A match for which any lover of good football should be counting the hours, since it is a meeting that could find a place in the catalog of finals that have left their mark on us.

Finals that have left their mark on football history

The Champions League final 1999 between Manchester United and Bayern Munich is the perfect example of the excitement and intrigue that this competition can generate. In a heart attack ending, United pulled off a miraculous feat, losing 0-1 when you get to the minute 90 and coming from injury time with two goals that left Bayern in shock and fans on the edge of their seats.

Another final that has remained engraved in the collective memory is that of 2005, between AC Milan and Liverpool. The English team pulled off another epic comeback, in this case more extended in time, but more difficult if possible, Well, they went from a discouraging 0-3 at halftime to win the game on penalties, in what is known as “The Miracle of Istanbul”.

The end of the edition 2012 it will also go down in history. In her, Chelsea achieved their first orejona by beating Bayern Munich in their own stadium, the Allianz Arena, in an exciting penalty shootout. Chelsea's victory is remembered as one of the most heroic moments in Champions League history., also taking into account that Don Di Matteo did it as interim coach.

Of course, if we go back in time, before the competition was called the Champions League, we must highlight the end of 1960, when Real Madrid crushed Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3 in what has been described as the greatest football match ever played. that end, more than any other, showed the magic and emotion that the highest European competition can offer us.

The Emotion of the Final City-Inter of 2023

With the Champions League final in 2023 just around the corner, soccer fans around the world are eagerly awaiting another memorable matchup. For now the city ​​bets – Inter they give the English as favorites, but it is already known that the finals never have a favorite.

Will City be able to bring home their first Champions League trophy or will Inter be crowned champions?? Guardiola and Inzaghi's boards and the performances of footballers like Haaland or Lautaro will decide it.

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