When Emil Kostadinov played for Tigres de México

When Emil Kostadinov played for Tigres de México
Kostadinov marcó 2 goals in a Regio Clásico. PHOTO: www.cancha.com/

Few people know that Emil Kostadinov played for UANL Tigers in mexican soccer. The Bulgarian is remembered above all for that goal in the Parc des Princes who ranked Bulgaria to USA 94 where they were going to become the revelation selection of the tournament. Also for his career as a footballer in teams like the Deportivo La Coruna, Bayern Munich in Port among many other sets. And one of them were the acquaintances tigers of mexico.

When Kostadinov played in Tigres

In the second decade of the 21st century, Tigres signed renowned European soccer players such as André Pierre Gignac who ended up becoming one of the top scorers in Tigres history. But nevertheless, signing this profile of players was not new in the philosophy of the Mexican team.

In 1997, Emil arrived in Monterrey, Mexico, to play in the UANL Tigers during 6 months, more specifically in the Mexican Winter Tournament. It is not that he had an outstanding performance in the tournament where he played 8 matches but managed to remain in the memory of the feline fans entering through the front door, at the big city party.

Kostadinov Tigres
Kostadinov was a renowned signing for Tigres. PHOTO: www.cancha.com/

And it is that in the Regio Classic of that year, Kostadinov framework 2 of the 3 goals for Tigres in the victory against their rivals, the Rayados of Monterrey, in the derby that faced both teams.

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