Footballers with more red cards in history

Footballers with more red cards in history
Sergio Ramos is the most expelled footballer in the history of the Spanish League. PHOTO:

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Cards soon came to the world of football. Since its introduction in late 60 there have been many players sent off who earned fame hard or violent types. But who is the most expelled player in history? We review the list of players with more red cards history of football.

The players with the most red cards in history

Gerardo Bedoya

The Colombian has the dubious honor of being the most expelled footballer in history and the player with the most red cards of all time. Bedoya was sent off in 46 occasions. He wore the shirt of many clubs in your country (Deportivo Pereira, Deportivo Cali, National Athletic, millionaires…) In addition to playing at Racing Club, Colon and Boca Juniors (Argentina) and Puebla (Mexico). He occupied the left back position.


The Spanish player has suffered a total of 30 expulsions, in fact, He holds the record for red cards in the Spanish championship. The one from Camas is with 21 expulsions the most expelled player in the history of the Spanish League. And it is still active with what can still go up.


Cyril Rool ranks second footballers with more expulsions of history (OGC Nice)

French midfielder who spent his entire career in the league in his country. Rool was sent off in 27 occasions. He played some of the best teams in France: Olympique Marseille, Monaco, Girondins Bordeaux, Nice…


Another plant that developed most of his career in Spain. Alexis Ruano wore the shirt of teams like Getafe, Valencia, Málaga, Alavés and Sevilla among others. Fullback he accumulated a total of 22 expulsions.


Uruguayan defender is part of the history of important teams like Juventus. He received neither more nor less than 21 red cards during his time as a professional.


Roberto Trotta had a long career. Former Argentinian defender wore the shirt of many clubs in his country (Students, Vélez, River Plate…) but also had experience in Europe. In addition to playing in the Rome of the Italian Serie A, also he played in Real Sporting worst in history In the season 1997-1998. He was expelled in 21 Sometimes all these years.

Edgardo Prátola

Argentine central defender. a legend of Estudiantes de la Plata where he played much of his career. He was expelled in 19 occasions. Unfortunately he died at 32 years victim of Cancer.


Pablo Alfaro
Pablo Alfaro and Javi Navarro formed a pair of plants as' strong’ for many years at Sevilla FC (Diario AS)

Another who did prisoners. Pablo Alfaro tough-guy reputation he earned acting as central to various teams in the league: Real Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Racing, Atletico Madrid, Mérida and Sevilla. 18 red cards In almost 700 few seem to matches played. Your battle partner, Javi Navarro, sumo 10 expulsions for what they did 28 between the 2.

Xavier Aguado

At the same teammate Pablo Alfaro, the good Xavi Aguado he suffered 18 expulsions throughout his career developed almost entirely in Real Zaragoza.


French midfielder who has been expelled 17 times since it debuted as a professional. In addition to the red, It has a good collection of yellow cards.


Another could not miss in this list is Roy Keane. Irish highlighted especially in the Manchester United. Midfielder very hard but necessary in any team that wants to succeed. He was expelled 13 times in his long career as a professional.


The Portuguese center back of Brazilian origin is still active after the 40 so I could still climb some positions. The Portuguese has seen the way to the locker room ahead of time 13 times.

players with the most red cards
Pepe has been sent off a few times too. PHOTO:



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