The anecdote of Messi's first contract with Barça on a napkin

The anecdote of Messi's first contract with Barça on a napkin
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Leo Messi military, nowadays, in the French team PSG, where he shares a locker room with some of the world's biggest stars. Perhaps this has not been his best year as a professional, having been removed from the Champions, the title coveted by his club; but, especially, his performance pales in comparison to what he had on his team of a lifetime, the FC Barcelona, in which he debuted in his first team at 17 years, there for him 2004.

Before that, a pre-adolescent Leo would start playing in “La Masía”, the center for lower categories of the Barcelona entity, after having signed a contract with him on a napkin. The reason for choosing this modality was the urgency of signing him that showed Carles Reixach, who had been captivated by the talent of this young man when he saw him play in a test match, where he gave great flashes of his enormous quality. Era 14 December of the year 2000 when the signature was made on that little piece of paper. a legend was born. Today that document is priceless (O, at least, its current owner has no intention of selling it).

No one can deny "Charly" Reixach the incredible vision of the future he had with that young Argentine. Years later, hoard seven Ballon d'Or awards and has won more than forty titles, including Champions Leagues, an America's Cup, Supercopas, and many more. With Argentina already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, that cup would be a dream award and an incredible finishing touch for his career. For now, there are already bets on forecast portals for the games to come; and the fans have it very clear in the face of their first pairing, what will happen to saudi arabia: they see the albiceleste dispatching her rival without problems.

But back to the napkin story. in September of the year 2000, Horacio Gaggioli, player representative and associated with the prestigious Josep Maria Minguella, received to Messi and his father at El Prat airport when they arrived from Buenos Aires. Gaggioli contacted Reixach to test the young man from Rosario. Probably, that was, at that time, a request of so many that the then technical secretary of FC Barcelona received. But "Charly" agreed and, after some training sessions with the kids, Leo participated in a test match at the Miniestadi in the presence of Reixach, who was absolutely amazed by the enormous talent of that young man. Specifically, after an expletive in Catalan, He exclaimed “We have to sign him now!!”. It was not be for lowerly: he only played half a part and scored 6 goals, plus many other occasions of danger.

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"La Pulga" and his father returned to Argentina, but "Charly" did not forget what he had seen in that game. Thus, and always afraid of losing the opportunity to have that future star for Barça, in just two months he met with Gaggioli y Minguella at Club de Tennis Pompeia to make them an offer, since they had the representation of the player. said offer, convinced that time was money, embossed on a napkin. The priority was that it was clear that there was a firm will on the part of the club. The text was the following: “In Barcelona, a 14 December of 2000 and in the presence of Messrs.. Minguella and Horacio, Carles Rexach, technical secretary of FC Barcelona, undertakes under its own responsibility and despite some opinions against signing the player Lionel Messi as long as we maintain the agreed amounts”.

His family, upon receiving the news, accepted the offer, aware of the great opportunities that were opening up for the youngster here in Barcelona at many levels. Since his debut with the infantile B, his rise was already meteoric, until reaching his debut with the first team. in May 2005 would arrive his first goal First division, against Albacete; since then the feats and titles achieved, included the so consecrated “triplets”. As well as, as well, prestigious individual awards and international recognition. It all started with a simple napkin, but his star will shine long, as well as his incredible legacy. The FC Barcelona He has a lot to thank Leo and also "Charly" Reixach.

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