Why does Cádiz CF wear yellow and blue??

Why does Cádiz CF wear yellow and blue??
One of the Cádiz CF formations with mythical footballers like Juan José, Carmelo or Mágico González among others.

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The Cádiz CF It's one of the nicest teams in spanish football. His fans are in charge of dyeing yellow and blue the stands of all the stadiums where the team of his soul plays a match. Precisely, in this article, we will deal with the origin of the colors of the Cadiz ensemble.

Initially, back in 1910, like many other teams, the Andalusian club dressed in white. This was very common at that time because the materials were cheaper and easier to get if they were of this color.. Meanwhile, the other team in town, the Mirandilla FC, chose the yellow and blue for your clothing. First (yellow) represented the land and faith, the second (blue) to heaven.

Little by little the Mirandilla was growing and acquiring fame and power in sports. Thus, its colors are gaining weight in Cadiz society and in the rest of Andalusia.

In the year 1936, the two city teams, Mirandilla and Cadiz, come together to form the current Cádiz CF. That is when it is decided that the yellow and blue colors will be kept on the shirt and pants.. In fact, the anthem of the club says the following: “The colors that the team wears, yellow and blue will prevail. Like the sun, the color yellow and blue the color of its sea”.

Pepe Mejías Cádiz
Pepe Mejías, Cadista legend, with the captain's armband together with his brother Salva (Cádiz CF)

In this way and ever since, the shirt of Cádiz CF It is one of the most identifying of the Spanish League. Along with other teams like the Villarreal CF, UD Las Palmas or Alcorcon, Cadiz people wear yellow throughout the Spanish territory. yes, both people from Castellón and Madrid dress, a while now, totally yellow, including the pants. Not so Cádiz and Las Palmas that keep it blue.

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