Suckling pig's head thrown at Luis Figo in the Nou Camp

Suckling pig's head thrown at Luis Figo in the Nou Camp
Luis Figo before taking a corner. Piglet head to the bottom (Photo: As)

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Luis Figo It was the star of FC Barcelona. But nevertheless, in the summer of 2000 the Portuguese player left the FC Barcelona set to sign for eternal enemy. Florentino Perez paid the 10.000 million pesetas of its clause and she dressed in white.

For Barcelona fans brought about a whole betrayal. A date was specified in the schedule: the 21 October 2000 the Real Madrid Barca visited the Coliseum and hosting to Luis Figo copaba the covers. The reality far exceeded expectations.


The check out the expedition merengue group was complicated enough. But nevertheless, The worst came later. During heating Real Madrid, Luis Figo and he could see the large number of banners directed towards him. Judas, traitor, pesetero… were some of the milder epithets that could be read.

One of the top moments was when the Whites jumped the field (by then teams starting separately did visitors). The tremendous blast came register up 111 decibel, that is to say, the approximate equivalent noise of a jet engine at takeoff.

the drag on Figo
The deafening blast Luis Figo by the Camp Nou made the footballer ears tapara to jump to the pitch (Brand)

The match of Luis Figo It was quite disappointing. Each time the Portuguese touched the ball, the 100.000 fans filled the bleachers Camp Nou They took care to keep honking with great force. The 10’ madridista did not launch any corner that night, despite being the usual charge, to avoid greater evils such as throwing objects.

further, a young defense called Carles Puyol He was responsible for 'dry’ the Real Madrid star had very little involvement. The end result was 2-0 (with goals from Luis Enrique Y Simao) for him FC Barcelona with that victory was over the eternal rival in the standings. yes, the Real Madrid He ended up taking that season with a good advantage over Barça who finished fourth.


Two years after that first hosting Camp Nou a Luis Figo, the Real Madrid he returned to FC Barcelona stadium. This time the Portuguese itself was responsible for making the corners and the thing went haywire. Each time the player approached the corner flag a rain of objects of all kinds fell to the pitch. In that game the Luso made a total of 5 withdrawals. From the second, the player was surrounded by riot.

In one he fell an object that was even slightly impact on boot Figo. The player did not realize what it was but a picture of The daily He revealed the shocking image of a Piglet head who was on the lawn. Instant went around the world with other more blunt objects such as a glass bottle of a popular brand of whiskey.

The scandal was huge to the point that the referee of the encounter, Medina Cantalejo, He had to temporarily suspend play to resume 16 minutes later. The match, by the way, He ended with a dull goalless draw. The Camp Nou he suffered a two-match ban closure, but nevertheless, that penalty was never fulfilled and the club finally He was pardoned in 2005 permanently.

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