The new name of Camp Nou

The new name of Camp Nou
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They run new times and modern football is destroying and killing all traditions and the purest essence of this sport. More and more teams “rebautizan” the name of their stadium and of course fill your shirt advertising in order to generate new revenue and the FC Barcelona and the Camp Nou they would not be less.

While it is true that Barca shirt remained untainted and free advertising, and a few seasons ago it was sold to the highest bidder. First with the introduction of Unicef ​​seemingly harmless, Who would deny to give visibility to an NGO? But nevertheless, from there have already been several brands that have sported big chest culés stars.

With their 99.000 locations, temblo FC Barcelona is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe and the world, pride of any barcelonista. However his name, Camp Nou (new field in Spanish), It's certainly not very original even after so many years after its inauguration one 24 September 1957 (Day La Merce, patroness of Barcelona).


The options are many and of course all be very successful. Call option Joan Gamper the blaugrana feud as this was its founder back in 1898, O Ladislao Kubala, one of the first cracks who wore the elastic of Barca in the years 50 and that was the main “culpable” Construction of the stadium since the old Les Corts it was dwarfed by the thousands of fans who wanted to see him play. Or even Johan Cruyff, surely the best player in the club's history also triumphed as FC Barcelona coach and already has a stadium with his name as is the Johan Cruyff Arena (Amsterdam Arena).

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But nevertheless, it looks like, as he voted for the Catalans partners 2014, football business will win a new battle and away from the house rebaptizing FC Barcelona with the name of one of the illustrious characters who have written great pages of its history, It will be used to a trade name style Camp Nou Rakuten, for example. A horror to which we go will be getting used as usual in the vast majority of clubs in the XXI century.

yes, at least the club has had the detail to put the name Johan Cruyff the stadium where the subsidiary and the Barcelona women's team play their matches. It's something.

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